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Discussion in 'Politics' started by AugustaGator, Dec 2, 2017.

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    Another reason that social media should be very limited for children, by their parents. Lots of bullying would not be happening if you just don't allow your children to be "friends" with just anybody. Monitor closely, defriend, limit contacts.
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    So heartbreaking. My kids were not allowed any social media until they had to be honest to be on there. You have to be thirteen, for facebook to allow you and rightly so. When they nagged I said "is lying a sin?", they responded "yes". So I said "you would have to lie about your age to be on there case closed." There is a reason for those rules. When they each turned 13 I allowed them to have an account with me as a friend. I gave lots of examples of lives ruined, careers let them know a post is forever. When they posted something dumb I immediately made them take it down. They were never allowed to post a photo or their age.

    I don't think forbidding it is as wise as teaching them when they post something ill-advised why it is not such a hot idea. I also have told them I prefer snapchat, as the app notifies you if someone screenshots. And if they don't you know it is gone.

    Parents who are not on top of their kids social media are foolish. It is how kids are in the world. You can say no or you can teach them how to use it responsibly. But never before 13.

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