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Discussion in 'Guest Area' started by Quasimodo, Nov 25, 2017.

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    First I want to say that we should all be thankful Chip Kelly won't be our new head coach. For starters, he's a cheater. Secondly, he's too expensive.

    When hiring a new head coach you have to think long term. Therefore, you want a guy that's cheap and has to earn big money by his team's performance. You don't throw big money at a coach before he's done anything, otherwise you'll be paying out the azz when he actually does perform at expectations and demands a raise.

    Kelly is such a bad hire for any major program, it's a joke.

    There are several qualified candidates for the job that aren't in a position of leverage. They'd be happy for the opportunity to coach a major program and would take a long term deal for a couple million a year to prove themselves.

    That's the kind of hire that makes sense. I know some of you are delusional and think someone can come in and in two or three years win a championship. Not with Saban around. Alabama has it locked up, until he decides to leave. That's just a fact of life.

    Find someone that has a history of proven success as either a coordinator or head coach that won't cost you an arm and leg during a time where Saban has a stranglehold of the league.
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    Too expensive all we had to do is get someone from Nike to blow smoke up his @$$
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      One of the biggest mistakes that could be made in this coaching search is to limit the candidates to "offensive" coaches.

      The best candidate out there happens to be a defensive coordinator. Brent Venables, DC of Clemson, would be the hire of the decade. I should know, I've done the research.

      I hope Stricklin isn't so short-sighted that he misses on this one.

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