From Berkeley to Gainesville, applications surge to flagship universities

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    The University of Florida makes a promise to its applicants: All essays they submit will be read at least twice.

    Every year, that becomes more challenging. About 35,000 prospective students applied to the state’s flagship school in Gainesville during the fall 2017 admission cycle. That was up more than half compared to fall 2006.

    To get through so many files takes discipline. “Right now, it is all hands on deck,” Rick Bryant, director of admissions operations for the university, said this month. His goal is to release decisions by Feb. 9 for those who applied by the Nov. 15 deadline. His mantra: “Okay everybody, let’s make sure we stay focused, stay on pace.”

    Prominent public universities nationwide are swamped every year with more and more applications, making the job of admissions teams ever more difficult. A Washington Post analysis of the latest available federal admissions data found more than 1.3 million applications for freshman admission were filed to the 50 state flagships for fall 2016. That was up 79 percent compared to 10 years earlier. Below is a chart showing data for each of the schools, including admission rates for 2016, total number of applications and the percentage change in application volume compared to 10 years earlier.."
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    If UF will cut many of the liberal arts programs they can reduce the workload.

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