If anyone wants a laugh, I'm trolling Rupp Rafters today

Discussion in 'Guest Area' started by swampmaster9, Nov 17, 2017.

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    If you want a break from the craziness of the coaching search, check out the thread, "Well, looks like we're a force to be reckoned with," at Rupp Rafters (Kentucky's basketball message board).

    I'm posting as an overly optimistic Gator fan; claiming that we're a top 3 team after blowing out two nobodies and beating one of them more than #2 Michigan State did. I told them this team may be better than the Oh-Four's and White might be a better coach than Donovan.

    I also threw in little nuggets about being able to score from anywhere on the "field" instead of "court" and referred to the low post as the "basketzone" to display a carefree, indifferent ignorance about the sport they cherish so much. I think I also referred to the arena as a "stadium." They pounce all over that stuff.

    I'm starting subtle, but, if the mods don't rip it away, I'm going to build and build it to eventually, "Kentucky is the past, Florida is the future of basketball." I've told them our Board of Trustees is concerned about the viability of our investment in football due to CTE, so we've quietly begun moving resources to our #2 revenue-producer, basketball, behind the scenes. I said they're going to see us begin poaching elite recruits soon. They're so sensitive to any challenge to their status as the preeminent basketball program that it's almost too easy. Haha.

    If anyone wants to join in, feel free.
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      Well, it was fun while it lasted. I had a solid foundation laid and was already at multiple pages, but some chick named "Sarah-Nole" torpedoed me by linking to my thread here, haha.
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      Wow, swampmaster ... or did they take to calling you "swampbasturd"?
      That was an enjoyable post up. Liked that you so enjoyed the impistry... they deserve ridicule.
      Judging from this, I hope that you've registered, 'cause the full-blown (pun) GatChat board needs you're intricate wit. I look forward to it, sir.

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