Now Where is the Justice in This?

Discussion in 'Main Sports Forum' started by NovaGator, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Swamp Donkey

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    Jun 9, 2014
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    We have plenty of people who do exactly that.

    You know, because Dooley must know what he is talking about because he is a "journalist".
    • NCOGator

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      Sep 5, 2014
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      The Justice is coming. The Urban curse of 8 years of bad coaches after your coach spurns your university
    • Double Gator Dad

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      Jun 12, 2014
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      Isn't that the truth.
      I doubt that Dooley knows anything, if he does, he never shares anything until after the fact.

      The coaching change we just endured is a perfect example. I know you know this but I have to say it......

      For two years Dooley ripped us and called us every name he could think of since we had the audacity to criticize a coach with two SEC East championships. While we were all suggesting that things did not look or smell right within the program, our illustrious "journalist" called us "gidiots."
      Once everything hit the fan then suddenly our "journalist" ran to the rescue and shared with us all the disruptive and dysfunctional things going on behind the scenes that I guess he believed needed to be secret for 3 years. Gee thanks Mr. Journalism for giving us the insight once it became irrelevant.

      I bet if you ask him, he can pick all the winners of the games played last Saturday too.

      Dooley serves as a spokesman for UF athletics even though the Sun pays his salary. No journalism required.
      • MTGator

        MTGator Well-Known Member

        Sep 11, 2017
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        Employee termination vs. Employee quitting. Different set of rules and procedures as to who gets and gives.

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