Let me first apologize for being a bit tardy with this article. My real job got in the way. Due to a shortage of quality officiating crews, the Georgia High School Association moved some of their first round playoffs to Saturday. We pulled that straw and played last evening at 6:00 pm, which put a little damper on my typical college football Saturday afternoon. But the Bearcats won handily, defeating the Seminoles of Westside Macon (at least there was a part of that tribe willing to play) and will advance to round two. And our Gators prevailed also.

I suppose the tête-à-tête between Mullen and Grantham in-game yesterday caught your attention. However you feel about the display, I’d say it was high time and I’m only guessing, but I can’t help but feel that it’s an overt expression of what must be a sore subject. And rightly so. It’s one thing to be inconsistent fundamentally, but the Keystone Cops routine trying to get aligned and balanced has moved beyond ridiculous. I’m certain Mullen is fed up, his body language said as much. I can only imagine the dialogue. Surely any sailors in attendance who might have overheard blushed in embarrassment. At least that’s what I would expect.

Breaking this situation down purely to coaching protocol and expectations, Mullen is the HC and bears all of the responsibility for the outcomes, good, bad, or otherwise. Grantham is a subordinate. It’s his job to follow the direction of the HC by preparing his groups and the unit as a whole as best as possible. It is no stretch to say he has not done a very good job in that regard this year. But the fact that we are now eight games in and eating the same crap sandwich defensively each week is ultimately Mullen’s fault.

Maybe the exchange will help. We did appear to play some better defensively in the second half, shutting out Wildcats for the final two quarters. We also gained a couple of turnovers, a stat that has been too low this season and belies a lack of aggression from the defense (paralysis from the required player analysis, perhaps?). Maybe best of all was that we actually got the UK offense off of the field, something that we couldn’t do in the first half. Pardon me, however, if I don’t get too excited. It’ll only be an improvement and a trend if it carries forward.

*Kyle Pitts, welcome back! He certainly looked to have been fully recovered. Five catches, three for TDs, was a good way to return. His catch on the little slant was beautiful. Trask put it where the DB had no chance and Pitts extended his arms and used his hands. That was a moneymaker. Nice play design, too, with the motion to the flank opening the window.

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