eek3eek3 :eek3:
eek4eek4 :eek4:
stressstress :stress:
gringrin :grin:
JogJog :jog:
lmao2lmao2 :lmao2:
lol3lol3 :lol3:
loserloser :loser:
SmileSmile :) :-) (:
SpankSpank :spank:
stirpotstirpot :stirpot:
thugthug :thug:
thug2thug2 :thug2:
tonguetongue :tongue:
BNABNA :bna:
BwahahaBwahaha :bwahaha:
WinkWink ;)
FrownFrown :(
CryCry :cry:
MadMad :mad: >:( :@
ConfusedConfused :confused:
CoolCool :cool: 8-)
OwnedOwned :owned:
Stick Out TongueStick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big GrinBig Grin :D
WoohooWoohoo :woohoo:
AaahAaah :headslap:
Eek!Eek! :eek: :o
AfraidAfraid :afraid:
Oops!Oops! :oops:
Roll EyesRoll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what?Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
AngryAngry :banghead:
BabyBaby :baby:
BackoutBackout :backout:
BanBan :ban:
BananaburnBananaburn :bananaburn:
Bananadance2Bananadance2 :bananadance2:
BananaropeBananarope :bananarope:
BananawaveBananawave :bananawave:
BanditBandit :bandit:
BannedBanned :banned:
BarfawayBarfaway :barfaway:
BartBart :bart:
BlahblahBlahblah :blahblah:
BoomBoom :boom:
BoxingBoxing :box:
BradBrad :brad:
ByebyeByebye :byebye:
CaptainCaptain :captain:
CatfightCatfight :catfight:
ClapClap :clap:
CoffeeCoffee :coffee:
CouchCouch :couch:
CrazyCrazy :crazy:
Cry2Cry2 :cry2:
Dance2Dance2 :dance:
DeadhorseDeadhorse :deadhorse:
DeadnannerDeadnanner :deadnanner:
Dunno2Dunno2 :dunno:
EekEek :eek2:
EmbarrassedEmbarrassed :embarrassed:
ExactlyExactly :exactly:
FacepalmFacepalm :facepalm:
FaintFaint :faint:
FartFart :fart:
FatnannerFatnanner :fatnanner:
FearFear :fear:
FistbumpFistbump :fistbump:
FlushFlush :flush:
GahGah :gah:
GatorGator :gator:
GiggleGiggle :giggle:
GroupfartGroupfart :groupfart:
GrouphugGrouphug :grouphug:
HahahaHahaha :hahaha:
HeadbangHeadbang :headbang:
HeeheeHeehee :heehee:
HighfiveHighfive :highfive:
InoutInout :inout:
JerkitJerkit :jerkit:
KickKick :kick:
LawLaw :law:
LeavingLeaving :leaving:
LiesLies :lies:
Lies2Lies2 :lies2:
LmaoLmao :lmao:
LockLock :lock:
LolLol :lol:
Lol2Lol2 :lol2:
ZamboZambo :zambo:
MoonMoon :moon2:
NaughtyNaughty :naughty:
NerdNerd :nerd:
NoleNole :nole:
NonoNono :nono:
NutswingerNutswinger :nutswinger:
OhnoesOhnoes :nervous:
goongoon :goon:
OrlyOrly :orly:
OxOx :ox:
PanicPanic :panic:
PoopPoop :kiffin:
PopcornPopcorn :popcorn:
ProudProud :proud:
PukePuke :puke:
PumperPumper :pumper:
QueenieQueenie :swampqueen:
RabbiRabbi :rabbi:
RaisehandRaisehand :raisehand:
RimshotRimshot :rimshot:
RolleyesRolleyes :rolleyes3:
Rolleyes2Rolleyes2 :rolleyes2:
RotfRotf :rotfl:
RunRun :run:
SadnannerSadnanner :sadnanner:
ScaredScared :scared:
Schla23Schla23 :zzzzz:
ScratchchinScratchchin :scratchchin:
ScratcheadScratchead :scratchhead:
ShakeShake :shake:
ShakeheadShakehead :shakehead:
Shark Attack Smiley EmoticonShark Attack Smiley Emoticon :shark:
SohappySohappy :sohappy:
StarsStars :stars:
StickpokeStickpoke :stickpoke:
SuicideSuicide :suicide:
Suicide2Suicide2 :suicide2:
SurrenderSurrender :surrender:
SuspectSuspect :suspect:
TardTard :tard:
ThereThereThereThere :therethere:
ThumbdownThumbdown :thumbdown:
ThumbupThumbup :thumbup:
TickleTickle :tickle:
TrainwreckTrainwreck :trainwreck:
UghUgh :ugh:
UhohUhoh :uhoh:
ViolinViolin :violin:
WaitingWaiting :waiting:
WeepWeep :weep:
WhewWhew :whew:
WhippedWhipped :whipped:
WhistleWhistle :whistle:
WinkWink :wink2:
YesYes :yes:
YumYum :yum:
Smiley SupergaySmiley Supergay :rainbow:
SnickerSnicker :snicker:
Suspect2Suspect2 :suspect2:
WorriedWorried :worried:
WtfWtf :wtf:
LalalaLalala :lalala:
OhNoes2OhNoes2 :ohnoez:
truxtrux :trux:
PeabodyPeabody :peabody:
GiggityGiggity :giggity:
BsflagBsflag :bsflag:
ChompChomp :chomp:
BeatingBeating :beating:
pooppoop :poop:
raysgirlraysgirl :raysgirl:
shocked3shocked3 :shocked3:
whatwhat :what:
AloneAlone :alone:
BlahBlahBlahBlah :blahblah2:
lol4lol4 :lol4:
BananadanceBananadance :bananadance:
piratepirate :pirate:
macmac :mac:
burn2burn2 :burn2:
BobBob :bob:
BritneyBritney :britney:
BsmeterBsmeter :bsmeter:
BurnBurn :burn:
ButthurtButthurt :butthurt:
Ban2Ban2 :ban2:
ChickenlittleChickenlittle :chickenlittle:
DohDoh :doh:
DrunkDrunk :drunk:
DubDub :dubster:
HatersHaters :haters:
Imageedit 8 7325999561Imageedit 8 7325999561 :shutmouth:
JerkstoreJerkstore :jerkstore:
JokeJoke :joke:
NolerapeNolerape :nolerape:
ScoffScoff :scoff:
RacistRacist :racist:
ShockedShocked :shocked:
Shocked2Shocked2 :shocked2:
SnobSnob :snob:
SolitarySolitary :solitary:
moon3moon3 :moon3:
WellbyeWellbye :wellbye:
trumptrump :trump:
fingerfinger :finger:
harvey1harvey1 :harvey1:
harvey2harvey2 :harvey2:
wagwag :wag:
rolleyes4rolleyes4 :rolleyes4:
PEPE :pe:
buttersbutters :butters:
Oh Boy!Oh Boy! :ohboy:
cuffcuff :cuff:
oxslapoxslap :oxslap:
oxslap2oxslap2 :oxslap2:
oxhornsoxhorns :oxhorns:
oxbowoxbow :oxbow:
ox2ox2 :ox2:
drunk2drunk2 :drunk2:
ox3ox3 :ox3:
booboo :boo:
snicker2snicker2 :snicker2:
what2what2 :what2:
triggeredtriggered :triggered:
killhimkillhim :killhim:
ShamblesShambles :shambles:
BoringBoring :boring:
Scoff3Scoff3 :scoff3:

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