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    Super Bowel 50 - Foreheads vs. Killa Cam, "The Incredible Sulk"

    Based on the two teams playing and the quarterback for each team last night the Super Bowl turned out about as good as i could stand. Cam not hustling for a fumble , walking out of the press conference and showing he is still the same classless act that he always been. Denver won but Manning was...
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    Looks like we have a legit shot at Cleveland

    I hope the Gator coaches will have the answers he is wanting to hear.
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    Was Mac smart?

    Cover 2 you are right on target. i also was really disappointed and baffled with the teams Defensive performance. Question? Was the conversation coach Mac had with Treon immediately after the ill advised pass somehow change the offenses performance in the 2nd half ?
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    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas to you and Shelby and may you have a safe and Happy New Year !
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    Treon Harris

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