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    Game balls go to.....

    The fans for putting up with that crap?
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    Vols blow 2-TD lead, choke away another one

    Tennessee is the epitome of the adage " season". I find it humorous that they start this up after the 2nd or 3rd week of the season.
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    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs. East Carolina***

    the fair thing was done. Grier won the job hands down.
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    Toledo taking down Arkansas

    It's Arky, I don't think many would be surprised. :lol:
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    At a bar in Bham

    What's on tap?
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    VHIII Out - Leg Injury

    She used to stalk Rex Grossman. I thought she was banned from GC though.
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    Jacksonville State taking Auburn down to the wire

    Reading these comments makes whatever the Athletic Dept owes him so worth it. Come on JSU! Let's go Kerwin Bell!
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    Jacksonville State taking Auburn down to the wire

    I hope muschick gets herpes and syphillis.
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    UF's Total Offense Ranking

    We threw the ball downfield with accuracy and precision. Isn't that what we all clamored for last season?
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    UF's Total Offense Ranking

    I was very encouraged by what I saw last Saturday vs. any game I watched during the Muschamp's totalitarian dictatorship. Our offense was creative, efficient and balanced. It appeared that each play set up its subsequent play, and so on. Both QB's made good decisions overall, and our Wr's that...
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    Hello Gator Nation

    #p2pieee>>!! spam bot protocol #6.7 breaker program of strawberry #perl doom version Super Saiyan use strict; use warnings; use kamehameha; use Thomas Creek beer; use Monty Python Holy Grail Ale; While { print "Do you really think I'm a bot?"; my $answer = ; chomp $answer; If ($answer eq...
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    Hello Gator Nation

    This means I've been accepted? That was sort of quick.
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    Hello Gator Nation

    Hmmm... How about "Ron Zook should be inducted into the ring of honor". I'd have said Muschump, but it's way too soon.
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