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    UF at UT Score Prediction

    You've got to love a girl that knows what posi-traction is.
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    Billy Napier - UF Head Football Coach

    Amateurs. Try your brother's wife's funeral (the reception, not the service. I'm not an animal), McElstain's win over the pups 2015.
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    Billy Napier - UF Head Football Coach

    Am I allowed to hit the "funny" emoji? I'm new to these public shamings. I would, however like to speak to the survivors of Ox's Internment Camp, if there are any. I feel like I may be "visiting" sooner than later.
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    2022 NCAA Survivor Thread: 5 teams remain

    Never trust an FSU grad
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    Tuesday Favorites…. Seinfeld

    Take the pen........
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    Tuesday Favorites…. Seinfeld

    Another sale for Costanza!
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    Twosday Favorites.....Beach

    Sanibel Island Ormond Beach Two completely different experiences, but both great.
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    Tuesday Favorites…. Seinfeld

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    2022 SURVIVOR

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    2022 Pick 'Em

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    Greatest Letter Ever: Rat Infestation Problem

    I decidedly did put my post in the incorrect forum. My mistake, and I apologize. That said, I had adequate responses to not dissuade me from my initial goal- and for that I am grateful for the thoughtful (or not) responses. As to and for Ox, he is the leader of this and our twisted scribe, so...
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    Florida Condo Opinions/Questions

    Thanks for the replies, even Nevada's. :-) The unit is a townhome-style, not a high-rise, which discounts the price somewhat- it's not particularly pretty from the outside, but it suits me. The roof was replaced in 2017, and I've read over the 2022 budget. IMO, they don't have enough cash in...
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    Florida Condo Opinions/Questions

    As I understand it, many condo associations are refusing to answer the questionnaires- there are articles out there to substantiate that. The condo does have deferred maintenance- it's been addressed prior to me going under contract, and the special assessments have been voted on and approved...
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    Florida Condo Opinions/Questions

    Mission accomplished. Finally a thread of mine with a Multiplicity Michael Keaton jerk-off meme. I can die a happy man.
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