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    Miami vs. UF Series

    I recently came across why Miami & UF stopped the yearly game in 1987. First of all Spurrer wanted to continue the series as did Miami, however, the SEC added a 6th game (I think it was a home game) & UF had to choose between keeping Miami or FSU and UF felt they had more in common or interest...
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    Wednesday Worsts….overrated

    Agree. Very unimpressive. I was quite disappointed in the Mona was so small. Also agree of Joe's Stone Crab. At the price you pay and when everything is ala carte I expected a lot better.
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    Wednesday Worsts….overrated

    They now have "feces cleaners" which pays $70,000/yr.
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    Miami #1 - UF #5

    Well, at least we are #1 in something!!!!!. Four teams in FL made the top 10 most hated ------ guess everyone hates a winner.
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    Question about moving back to Florida

    I agree with double Gator Dad OR go across the bridge to St. Pete (less traffic, hustle & bustle). My son has to live near an major airport with his job also and much prefers Tampa vs. Orlando airport.
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    What Should Determine Napier's Success?

    I had never heard your coach's name & was totally unfamiliar with him, etc. That really doesn't mean anything. I think back years ago when Jimmy Johnson became our coach & I had never heard his name & basically only thought the Univ. had gotten a cheap coach....and the rest is history. You...
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    The collapse of Florida's big three

    Another reason why I feel that those coming out of high school are not as good as they formerly were is "electronics"......They are hooked up to their phones and video games instead of being outside playing sandlot ball. My 2 sons grew up during the 70's & 80's & were always playing outside...
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    What's up old timers?

    Welcome Bob. Hope you enjoy this board. I think it is one of the best on the internet & Ox keeps everybody on the straight path. Can you believe they even let this old lady Hurricane fan (age 84) join in the discussions. Even though I am a big Hurricane fan I seem to fit in better with the...
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    1959 Attendance

    Reply: Not sure I understand your last sentence
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    1959 Attendance

    I was looking thru some football items that my late husband had of the Univ. of Miami football where he played from 1957 - 61. Curci was the QB & Jim Otto, center. (00 for the Raiders). I came across an interesting attendance page that gave the stats for Miami's away games in 1959. Actually...
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    Happy 77th Birthday Coach Spurrier!

    7 more years & he will catch up to me. I always had the utmost respect for him as a football coach even though he was the Hurricane's arch enemy (because he was so darn good). However, I always enjoyed his antics on the sidelines and remember when his mother admonished him for repeatedly...
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    Birthday Happy 84th Birthday, daytonacane!

    I have been travelling around FL...On the West Coast, went to Pine Key, then back up over thru Alligator Alley to friends in Boca, then down to Miami/Gables. Stopped by the Univ. for some nostalgia. I was in the dorm on Dickerson Dr. which is gone. It was the one nearest the little bridge...
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