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    Hurricane Ian Thread

    no generator?
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    Hurricane Ian Thread

    We were on vacation in Pensacola on summer to see the Blue Angels show and a Hurricane was out in the gulf. We saw Jim at a bar one night and we all just knew the trip would be cut short. And it was. Had to leave two days early. But we did see the Blues. Great show as usual.
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    Hurricane Ian Thread

    It is an interesting factoid about them.
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    I did not know UF had one of these...

    They have been there over 25 years.......
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    I did not know UF had one of these...

    Been there several times for it. Never got poo on me. They go right out over the lake.
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    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Kentucky***

    Me too. Endzone seats. Saw several of those TDs up close.
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    Tuesday Favorites…. Seinfeld

    Thats gold Jerry. Gold.
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    Tuesday Favorites…. Seinfeld

    I don't want to be a pirate.
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    I did not know UF had one of these...

    When the one fell apart the bats invaded other buildings. it is a cool sight at sunset when they all come out to eat.
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    Shane Matthews to provide football color commentary

    totally agree. Cardozo sucks. His show with fat Dooley is not listenable.
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    Random, sometimes funny, gif and post padding thread #4

    I'm in IT and am stealing that. Thanks,
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    What Should Determine Napier's Success?

    Wins and losses; of course.
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    I Won't Back Down - Swamp Edition

    its pretty awesome being there for it.
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