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    MLB Homerun champion?

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    Some Gator trivia

    I prefer steak, but thanks.
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    Some Gator trivia

    Free from compensating the SharkHumper.
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    Hurricane Ian Thread

    Regrettably, that will be the ONLY opportunity most of our roster will ever get to play on Sunday
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    Hurricane Ian Thread

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    Tuesday Favorites…. Seinfeld

    I'll just do the opposite.
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    Birthday Happy Birthday GatorJB!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Birthday Happy Birthday g8tr72!

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
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    Whine Down Wednesday

    What is this mirage you are speaking of?
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    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Utah***

    For me, Saturday won't tell the whole tale. With what Nullen left us/him with, I'll be patient while BIlly tries to right the ship.
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    August In Fla Sucks, Change My Mind

    Lifelong FL resident in NE FL. Used to work as a roofer for two summers and for a power utility subcontractor for one summer (yes, those creosote poles are awful.) I had no issues back then (got close to "bear caught" a few times) but I would melt if I had to work outdoors for 10 hrs a day now...
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    Fall Practice 2022

    They sounded like used car salesmen.
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