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    Annual coaching carousel

    Yep losing all 4 games to Oklahoma sealed his fate. He probably would have survived another year if they didn't have that OT loss to Oklahoma.
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    ***OFFICIAL COTTON BOWL GAME THREAD: UF vs Oklahoma***; Houston talks trash

    I think Oklahoma probably wins this game now. I know we have Trask playing against a redshirt freshman at QB but not having Pitts and Toney will make this passing offense a lot easier to defend. Will probably be a situation like when Michigan's defense looked like trash against us in that bowl...
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    Delete thread

    Its old from earlier campaign.
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    Bammer -5, Gators -13.5

    :lol: Not sure if their run defense is as bad but If there is a secondary even more lost than ours now its LSU.
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    Bammer -5, Gators -13.5

    LSU secondary is about the worst I have seen in a very long time. Like they have 4 Stiners running around back there. Receivers not even being covered sometimes and let Mizzu go almost a couple of quarters it seemed without throwing an incompletion.
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    Truth Takes: A&M (The One I forgot to Title)

    Well our defense may not be as bad as the LSU defense...:D
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    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Texas A&M***

    Not imo we just aren't a tough running team and teams like GA and Bama would stuff it with no problem except for some outside stuff. We went from consistently getting 200+ there to being lower average at it in the SEC in 2019 on.
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    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Texas A&M***

    Yep Mullen being forced to play Trask over Franks will probably keep the season from being too bad. Could even upset GA and win the East if we happen to get the ball last.
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    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Texas A&M***

    Also in the SEC you are going to lose a few games if you are this reliant on the passing game and don't have the ability to just line up and run the ball down the middle of a defense some. Bama and LSU in recent years could run when they needed to.
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    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Texas A&M***

    Crazy a Mullen team can only get wins by airing it out. Soft a** defense and soft run game.
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    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Texas A&M***

    I have a bad feeling about this game. Fisher is under a lot of pressure to finally win a game like this and I think A&M is going to be really fired up for this game coming off a loss like that. Also A&M isn't a team its easy just to line the ball up and run on as Bama wasn't even able to really...
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    Today’s Other Games Thread

    I wish we would have caught them early as that new QB looks like he will improve a lot with some game time also.
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    Feleipe Franks 2020 season tracker thread

    Same Franks. Crazy they ever thought he was a better option than Trask.
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    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Ole Miss***

    Being able to force our will in the run game is the main thing I want to see today. Ole Miss is supposed to be pretty weak at DT. Last year except for a few real long runs our run game was pretty bad.
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    Truth Takes: Kickin Off With Kiffin

    Just looked at this matchup finally. You would think FL rolls but these state of Mississippi games seem to cause issues for us many times. The last one we had to use a trick play to score our only TD. Ole Miss looks pretty weak on defense - on paper anyway. Florida 41 - 20
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