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    Anthony Richardson

    The coverage busts, failure to execute on a few critical 4th downs, an untimely fumble, and lack of depth are the main culprits in this game. Tennessee marched up and down the field at will and we had very few answers defensively. That side of the ball (coaching staff and players) deserves the...
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    Offensive Line: O'Cyrus Torrence dominates Utah

    The O-line and specifically Mr. O'Cyrus Torrence was elite in the Utah game. I encourage anybody to go back and focus on #54 in that game. I say Mr. because he was like a man amongst boys. He was the catalyst for a number of the big runs we had in that game. Our line immediately goes from good...
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    Running Backs

    I was very impressed by what I saw from the running backs tonight. Obviously, ball security will be a point of emphasis this week in practice, but I think Johnson and Etienne both made up for it with stellar play throughout the game. If the O-line can continue playing like this in SEC play, we...
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    Gator Defense

    Utah is a very tough team and I think this win will look even better as the season goes on. The defense gave up quite a few plays, but I think Utah's tight ends would give trouble to most of the top teams in the country. We have to be a little more stout in our run defense, but we put ourselves...
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    Recruiting 2023 Recruiting Thread: Land Top 100 DL Kelby Collins, 4* DL Will Norman, AND 4* DL Kamran James

    Let's go!!! Excellent week of recruiting by Billy and his staff. Very high on Stokes, Webb, and Wilson. I get the sense that recruits will definitely gravitate towards Stokes to come play at Florida. He seems like the kind of new age QB that is capable of outrageous off schedule throws from all...
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    Should we feel good about our receiver room this year?

    Well played with the ryan.joseph references. :lol: I don't think we're dangerously thin, but dangerously average at the position. I can't think of one guy who strikes fear in the opposition from a skill or especially a speed standpoint, which is strange. I hope one of the newcomers steps up and...
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    Should we feel good about our receiver room this year?

    If we can't run the ball down the throats of the majority of the teams we face this year, I think it might be reminiscent of last season. I love what Napier is doing with the program since taking over and I think we will be a contender after the next few recruiting classes, but I just don't see...
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    Recruiting Transfer Portal: Bowman transfers to UCF

    Oh, I thought he just sounded like a whiny bitçh. Thanks for clearing that up.
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    Recruiting Transfer Portal: Bowman transfers to UCF

    You making baseless, non-factual, moronic posts on a daily basis is actually what surprises nobody. This staff is attracting 5 Stars in the first two months on the job and not making questionable evaluations left and right. But, you still wanna be a contrarian for no reason. Yeah, you lost, bro.
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    Recruiting Transfer Portal: Bowman transfers to UCF

    Exhibit A) Exhibit B) Basically, Torrence is arguably better than any kid we currently start on the O-line per PFF. And the Waites kid is a giant athlete worth taking by most big time programs on measurables alone. So, this assumption that ULL kids aren't capable of playing here is what's...
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    Christmas Miracle? Nick Saban retiring?

    What has made Saban so great over the years is largely how self-motivated he and his teams always are. He has gotten so successful in this modern era that he has had to take a page out of Michael Jordan's playbook: use anything possible as a perceived slight from the opponent or the media and...
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    Recruiting 2022 Post-ESD Recruiting Thread: 4* DE Jack Pyburn commits

    So, just to recap, in regards to this recruiting cycle, are we currently in the middle of the start of the beginning of the end? :eek:
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    Recruiting Transfer Portal: Bowman transfers to UCF

    I get it, bro. What you’re saying is valid, I just don’t agree that the portal is bad for College Football. Via elite recruiting, bagmen, and processing, Bama was getting “the better guy “ before the transfer portal came to prominence anyway. The portal just stopped the facade of determining...
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    Recruiting Transfer Portal: Bowman transfers to UCF

    You used Bama as an example as a program that cherry picks from the Transfer Portal, but even Saban still has to manage a roster. If you can remember, Bama had a bunch of talented kids at QB on the same team at the same time (Tagavailoa, Hurts, and Jones). Two of those guys were "riding the...
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