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    Anthony Richardson

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    Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. Tennessee

    Please don’t go, C2! Yes the box can be unbearable but I need your perspective to keep me sane.
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    Anthony Richardson

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    Truth Takes: A Bad Night in the Swamp Kentucky '22

    Yep, totally agree. AR’s nerves got the best of him and needed be relieved to settle down.
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    Birthday Happy Birthday fischerwood!

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Antonio Brown quits in the middle of a game, throws gear into stands, cut by Bucs

    Yeah, sounds like some serious CTE affecting his brain cells. Very sad.
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    2022 State of the Board: A new era for UF

    Preach! With age, I’ve just gotten better at not responding to thoughts/comments that drains the heck out of me. I remember the pre-Spurrier years all to well; perspective is everything. Go Gators
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    Other coaching positions candidates thread: Rob Sale hired as OC

    I wonder if CRob regrets not joining Harbaugh up at Michigan. Oh well…
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    Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. Florida State

    Looks like the ref was possessed too
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    Jacob ‘Butters’ Copeland Moving On

    I do too. I also wonder if his mom gives him sh*t about coming to UF and not BAMA to this day.
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    Raiders Cut Ruggs…Kills Woman and Dog in Suspected DUI

    We’re you intoxicated too??
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    Raiders Cut Ruggs…Kills Woman and Dog in Suspected DUI

    Omg…going 156mph. Throw away the damn key! Ruggs drove 156 mph seconds before fatal crash
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    SOURCE: Mullen safe, staff is not; was mass "flu" a player revolt?

    “Great stuff” (the interview) my behind. David Waters missed a golden opportunity to make a name for himself in the sports media world, he completely let Mullen off the hook. He’s as soft Danny and his staff.
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