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  • Aaron, I am going to pay for Born's membership- just tell him it's taken care of. He's a teacher (and he's nuts) be seems like a good kid and I like reading his stuff.
    Hey Ox...
    Tom Petty is my favorite artist...
    Love your signature: "It's Good To Be King."
    Thought you would like this video. 12 and a half minutes of the live version of, "It's Good To Be King"... one of my favorite Petty songs.

    It's my second-favorite song of his behind "Mary Jane's Last Dance".
    Ox, how can I get that UF-OU bowl thread off my home page? Really tired of reliving that all the time.
    Hey OX, we are going to end our "relationship" today. Its been a long great ride and I don't hold any grudges with you at all. Our politics are just too different for me to continue to be a member here. I'll just ride off into the sunset. I wish you luck and success. Please remove Vagator from your board. Take care.
    I made you a new xmas card , it's in the box right now...left the banner free for your own use
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