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    Sup fellas?

    Go to Twitter and see what I am talking about. or not.
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    Sup fellas?

    What the heck is happening on Twitter tonight?
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    2022 State of the Board: A new era for UF

    I know everyone has been waiting with bated breath for me to reply. I’m one of those lurkers. I was invited over here by Layla. Sometimes I don’t know if I should just storm into a thread throwing haymakers and bombs or not. My 2 cents: More than likely, Napier won’t succeed. In my lifetime...
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    Birthday Happy Birthday LaylaGator!

    Happy Birthday Layla!
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    Recruiting 2022 Recruiting Thread: Evers and CJ Smith Decommit

    I’m new to this board, and this is my first post. I’ve been on here about 6 months. I’m a season ticket holder, and my first Gator game I saw in person was in 1969. I was a little kid then. I was just wondering who do you all think the Gators should get (that would actually come) that could a...
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