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  • Stephen I appreciate any help. Believe me, I've tried every possible venue and even called Cal himself. It's only the "Thanks for the memories" one I'm trying to find.
    Corch... I've been looking for a copy of a cartoon Cal Warlick did after Spurrier left. It ran in the Sun, full page. It was Spurrier shaking hands with Albert in a swamp. Spurrier has a suitcase and they both have a tear on their cheeks. Know of any copies?
    I remember that pic. The Sun used to sell pictures they ran. I will research it some. I have some old Warlick stuff he did for the Sun advertising SEC title games and thingslike that.
    Sorry about the moronic liberal comment. That was pretty childish.
    no problem. The chat is sorta loose. Im used to it in the PF.
    Unlike any other exercise book. A school district failing standard test scores, lowest in nation? Rattay had PE put back in school implemented scientifically (data results = kids personalities improved, fewer fights/disputes, test scores way up, grades way up, parents liked their kids at home more, so got more involved w school activities.
    All work and no play made Jack a dull boy. You learn WAY more in PE than games and gaining fitness. Learning compromise and cooperation are huge. Kindness and sportsmanship (which means a myriad of things). Leadership and a work ethic can be learned in PE. Life skills are all over my class.
    Stephen, check out Dr.Rattay's book "Spark: The Science of Exercise and the Brain". You will be inspired by what you're accomplishing so few realize. You will use the info to raise parent's & kid's respect for exercise. Dr.Rattay's (brain scientist) school experiment proves how stupid administrators were to remove PE class from schools.
    Never saw this before. I will look it up. I do know that exercise is great for the brain
    Maybe a little butthurt.i only repeated what the posters said. Oh well it will be ok when the swelling goes down
    There was an outro but it was early about 2:40pm there was alot of negative things said about romney and urg and it looks like they didn't move it over to the thread but it should be archived
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