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    Holy schit...can't you just die as expected! You have to give your vitals to the techno kings and let them tell you when you are going to die? Fuch, Google already knows everything about me and all my earthly thoughts. Can't they just let me die when my time comes? I don't need a watch or...
  2. Altitude Gator

    Crappy Steak Chain thread

    Out here in the Rocky Mountain west, we have a franchise called the Rib & Chop House. I actually had a franchisee in Montana as a client about 10 years ago for some tax issues. Been to the one in Livingston and it was excellent. When our younger son graduated from UW, we celebrated as a...
  3. Altitude Gator

    Random, sometimes funny, gif and post padding thread #5

    My lab destroyed her first squeaky toy by chewing out the squeaker. She looked so sad when it wouldn't squeak again when she bit it. She is 12 and has never destroyed another toy since. She still has the squeaky toy we replaced it with and the pull toy we got her for her first Christmas.
  4. Altitude Gator

    Gator Baseball 2024 Gator Baseball Thread

    First time it has ever been done on Sunday Night Baseball!
  5. Altitude Gator

    Pouncey Twin weight loss after NFL

    He looks good and healthy. He doesn't have that Ozympic face from losing a bunch of weight too fast.
  6. Altitude Gator

    RIP Martin Mull

    RIP to a genuinely funny guy! https://redstate.com/beccalower/2024/06/29/martin-mull-acerbic-comedian-and-actor-dead-at-80-n2176165
  7. Altitude Gator

    Random, sometimes funny, gif and post padding thread #5

    You can get those yellow tights at the girls department at JC Penny.
  8. Altitude Gator

    Kids these days will never know….

    My parents never had to say a word of that. We just knew.
  9. Altitude Gator

    Crappy Steak Chain thread

    I agree. I have a huge STAKE in this remaining a baseball thread.
  10. Altitude Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday Durty South Swamp!

    Happy birthday, South Swamp!
  11. Altitude Gator

    Scottie Scheffler arrested

    That department seems to be a ****show. Breanna Taylor, the black veteran cop shot during BLM, Scheffler, sexual her-ass-ment, etc. Seems like it was a ****show before she took charge and will likely be one long after she is gone (assuming she is a she - my bad if she isn't).
  12. Altitude Gator

    Crappy Steak Chain thread

    And it will be a pop fly short of the warning track!
  13. Altitude Gator

    Dinner time

  14. Altitude Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday EuroGator!

    Happy birthday, Euro!
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