1. marinegator

    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs USF***

    We are looking soft out there on both sides of the ball
  2. marinegator

    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs. Georgia***

    Their lines were better than our lines - pretty simple. You can’t give a good quarterback a 3 plus count and expect to shut them down. They did the Bama thing on us and kept the ball away from our offense. Sucks but it could of been a lot uglier than it was.
  3. marinegator

    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Tennessee***

    Mullen doesn’t seem to have a killer instinct. That last series of calls were lame. Jones had no chance to do anything. Mullen is being stubborn and not reacting to what Tennessee is giving them.
  4. marinegator

    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Kentucky***

    We are getting torched so we might as well play get the quarterback like we did in the 70’s and 80’s
  5. marinegator

    Gators vs Mildcats Prediction Thread

    Gators crush the Cats. Running game wakes up in the second half. 38-16
  6. marinegator

    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Miami***

    Agree, without the halftime adjustments we were cooked.
  7. marinegator

    2019 Spring Game

    You guys getting this on Frontier? What channel?
  8. marinegator

    Recruiting Gardner gets into Twitter argument with prospect Fuller, who threatens to cancel official visit

    He could also be playing the Noles - the whole shoe crap is over the top. I think it’s pretty funny actually
  9. marinegator

    This was f***ing fantastic

    I was at that one and my eyes couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was impossible to not go a little nuts
  10. marinegator

    How old are you?

    I remember seeing cars with hand cranks in the front and phones with cups to speak in
  11. marinegator

    Player Failed The Worst By The Previous Staffs

    I agree with this one
  12. marinegator

    Gator fan for over 60 years this is the greatest improvement over 4 games I've ever seen

    If you can’t appreciate what’s going on with this team maybe switch sports. Like curling or something. (Don’t mean to knock curling - people love playing it)
  13. marinegator

    Feleipe Franks

    I think the kid is a gamer and starting to grow up right in front of ours eyes. This kid has a chance to get really good.
  14. marinegator

    Poll: Ties to UF

    Didn’t go to UF - brother and sister did. Had a business in Gainesville for years - lived there from 1977 to 1996.
  15. marinegator

    What's the worst Gator game you attended?

    Swindle In the Swamp - by far the worst game
  16. marinegator

    GCMB Poll: The Kelly Verdict

    I’m thinking most any job that pays 100,000 a week is easy money!
  17. marinegator

    Chip Kelly to UCLA: $4 Mil/Year

    No, I don’t.
  18. marinegator

    Chip Kelly to UCLA: $4 Mil/Year

    Practice time in Kelly’s system is what we need. Bowl could give us that. Otherwise better to heal up.
  19. marinegator

    Did the players quit because they are moping about Mac?

    This might be the worse coached team we have had since when? Ever? I blame the coaches not the Kids.
  20. marinegator


    We should have and could have won that one. Damn
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