1. GatorInGeorgia

    #8 Notre Dame loses to Marshall

    8th ranked Notre Dame lost to Marshall, pushing their season record to 0-2. So, the big question is will the AP sportswriters move them up to #6 when the new poll comes out tomorrow or #7? Discuss.
  2. GatorInGeorgia

    Is this Nick Saban’s final season in Tuscaloosa?

    In his post-game on field interview, Saban seemed completely out of character. He was happy, smiling & laughing and he was extremely complementary of his players. He even went so far as to joke around with the young lady interviewing him. I’ve never seen Saban act like this before-it was very...
  3. GatorInGeorgia

    Jimbo’s gonna Jimbo Part Deux

    Well, following up on my original thread a few years ago, Jimbo now has his 4th loss of the season. He’s now averaging 3.5 regular seasons losses per year at TAM with a potential bowl game L on the horizon. Were it not for his lucky azz, Covid byproduct 1 loss season last year, he’d probably...
  4. GatorInGeorgia

    Warning: Political Takes Jon Gruden FIRED for decade-old emails

    Jon Gruden is out. If you recall, when Foley & Gruden met to discuss the UF job, the sticking point was not enough money for Gruden’s staff. Had Foley caved and given Chuckie what he asked for, we’d be the ones firing Gruden right now and looking for a new HC. Foley saved us! Discuss...
  5. GatorInGeorgia

    The British Open

    The British Open, NOT The Open, NOT The Open Championship, The British fcvking Open is on this weekend. This & The Masters are my 2 favorite golf majors and I’m looking forward to what Saturday & Sunday hold. Louie Oosthazelnumbnuts leads at the halfway mark. Will he close the deal this...
  6. GatorInGeorgia

    Former Gator coach lands at LSU

    Former Gator O-line assistant Brad Davis scored a 3 year, $830k per year deal to leave Arky and become O line coach at LSU. If you recall, we stole this guy from the Mean Green of North Texas, a football powerhouse of epic proportions. Personally, I didn’t notice any improvement whatsoever...
  7. GatorInGeorgia

    Dak Prescott spotted in a boot

    Dak was spotted in a boot. A boot. No, really, a guy was spotted in a boot. Discuss.
  8. GatorInGeorgia

    Lane Kiffin’s expecting another child

    He’s 6 months pregnant...and it shows. Discuss.
  9. GatorInGeorgia

    Tiger Woods she-ats the bed at Augusta

    Tiger Woods scored a 10 on the par 3 12th hole today at Augusta. This is the worst hole he’s had in his pro career. Why tournament sponsors continue to invite this weekend hack to tournaments is one of life’s big mysteries. If Tiger’s not careful & he doesn’t step it up, he’s going to find...
  10. GatorInGeorgia

    Clemson is in shambles; new QB has season-ending injury

    Lowly Syracuse is giving Clemson quite a fight today. Cuse has done this in a few seasons in the not too distant past, even upsetting the Tigers once a few years ago if memory serves me correctly. Do you think the guy referenced in the article below is having to change his underwear right...
  11. GatorInGeorgia

    Road Warrior Animal RIP

    Sorry to hear this news. I was fortunate to see him & Hawk at Eddie Graham Sports Stadium sometime around 1985/1986. Those were some damn good times. Discuss. Joseph Laurinaitis, WWE's Road Warrior Animal, dies at 60
  12. GatorInGeorgia

    FSU’s Mike NorveLLLL already stepping in it; may last fewer games as HC than Willie Taggart

    NorveLLLL is really screwing things up in quick fashion. Let’s hope he slows down a little so he can drive them deeper into the ground over the next few years. Discuss. Marvin Wilson calls out Florida State coach, says team won't work out
  13. GatorInGeorgia

    Kirby poaches Saban’s S&C coach

    Kirby hired former Bama S&C coach Scott Cochran to be UGA’s special teams coach. Discuss. Georgia hiring Alabama strength coach Scott Cochran
  14. GatorInGeorgia

    Chiefs vs. Bears

    Okay, so several Chiefs defensive players are wearing bright yellow gloves. I’ve never seen this look before, is there something they are trying to signify with these gloves tonight? Am I the only one getting a headache from the color of the gloves being so damn bright? Also, the color of...
  15. GatorInGeorgia

    Will this be Tom Brady’s last NFL season?

    Admittedly I don’t watch much pro football until the college season winds down so I haven’t seen much of Tom Brady this season but I’m watching tonight and he seems to be showing his age. Apparently he looked pretty bad, too, against the Cowboys last week. QB rating for the season is about 55...
  16. GatorInGeorgia

    5 best SEC quarterbacks since 1980

    Earlier on the Florida-Vandy TV broadcast, they posted the results of a straw poll for the 5 best SEC QBs since 1980. In order from 1 to 5 the results were Tebow, Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel & Tua. The younger of the 2 guys calling the game (I don’t know his name) said he had...
  17. GatorInGeorgia

    Oklahoma goes down, paving the way for UF in the playoff

    Upset by K-State 48-41. This is what happens when your team & league don’t play defense. How will this impact having 2 SEC teams (or more, but unlikely) in the playoff? Discuss.
  18. GatorInGeorgia

    Burp Bielema already having issues with Patriots player

    It seems Bielema, defensive line coach for the Patriots, is having issues with Patriots DE Michael Bennett. Apparently they fought over the last jelly donut at a recent team meeting. Bielema lost but pulled rank and now Bennett is suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. Now, all...
  19. GatorInGeorgia

    UCLA rallies from down 32 in 3rd to win; WSU QB has 9 TD passes

    Down 32 points with less than 4 minutes left in the 3rd, Chip Kelly & the Fighting Bruins rallied for a 67-63 win! UCLA scored 50 POINTS...IN THE SECOND HALF! ALL HAIL CHIP KELLY! Best of all, I had UCLA in the Pick Em and covering this game got me to 10 wins for the week! Let me repeat...
  20. GatorInGeorgia

    Jimbo’s gonna Jimbo

    It’s was well known prior to the Aggies throwing the bank at him that Jimbo was a 2.875 loss per season coach at FSU WITH Jameis and a 3.667 loss per season coach WITHOUT Jameis and a 3 loss per season coach for the entirety of his time at FSU and his 1st season at TAM. 1/3 of the way through...
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