1. NovaGator

    Tuesday Favorites… Pranks or practical jokes

    Back in the early 1990's a friend of mine had really caught the Florida Lotto bug. He would spend $20 a week on the Saturday night Lotto drawing, always opting to let the store to do a "quick pick" selection for the numbers. One time he had come close with 5 numbers and was convinced that one...
  2. NovaGator

    Featured Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. Tennessee

    Good effort by the gators, but questionable decision to go for 2 points after a touchdown proved decisive. Not one of Billy's better coaching effort. Still, the game came down to the last minute and really could have gone either way. Lots of work ahead, but still can be a very successful...
  3. NovaGator

    UF at UT Score Prediction

    Gators-28 Hillbilly Inbreds-21
  4. NovaGator

    Jumbo Biggest Con Artist Ever!

    Anybody who can convince a fan base that he is worth $75 million for results that are no better than what they were getting for a fraction of the price has to be one of the best snake oil salesman of all time. And then they were dumb enough to give him a raise? Jimbo's talent is in recruiting...
  5. NovaGator

    Recruiting NSD 2022

    Sanders caught the college football big boys flatfooted. While many have poured umpteen millions in up graded facility's, coach's salaries, and support staff, Deion realized that kids say "show me the money", not "show me the football facility!" Now that the big dogs know how the game is going...
  6. NovaGator

    Meyer strikes again: Lerentee McCray arrested, flipped off cops in high-speed chase

    Meyer own some sleazy bar there where he could get them both a crotch dance?
  7. NovaGator

    The Jacksonville Jaguars Thread

    "Just find us a head coach with more class than Meyer. You know, one that's smart enough to say NO to a crotch dance!"
  8. NovaGator

    Jeremy Foley is directly responsible for this UGA title

    My, how the mighty have fallen! Back in the 90's FOOLy was touted as the best AD in America. Spurrier's MNC, Billy's back-to-back NCAA Championships, etc, were all credited to his mastery of the job. Then thing all went down hill. The hiring of "The Zooker", then his refusal to back SOS in...
  9. NovaGator

    TexAgs Stacked Subscription

    And "Prime Time" Deion convinces another top recruit, Kevin Coleman, to hop aboard the "Sanders Express" to instant wealth and notoriety at Jackson State. "Prime Time" is setting the prime rate for top recruits at a couple million. Now Deion can teach them to just bag classes and get ready for...
  10. NovaGator

    Caleb Williams Offered $1 Million to Play for EMU

    What? A measly million bucks? That's all? If an unproven showboat like Travis Hunter can wheedle 2 million out of "Prime Time", a guy with proven experience at a top tier program should be able to command more than that type of chump change, wouldn't you think?
  11. NovaGator

    Antonio Brown quits in the middle of a game, throws gear into stands, cut by Bucs

    I had a girlfriend like that once, back in the day when the little head was doing the thinking for the big head. Good thing the wife never found out.
  12. NovaGator

    Prayer Request

    Sending positive thoughts your way. Get well soon!
  13. NovaGator

    Napier plans "unprecedented" staff at UF

    Give Butters a big enough buyout clause for after he's canned and he would be happy as a lark to come back and slurp at the gator trough for a little while. From what I hear Billy's budget for assistants would provide Hee Haw with a pay increase.
  14. NovaGator

    Napier plans "unprecedented" staff at UF

    Well Ox, you know what, at this point I think that Butters would be coming to an inferior team!
  15. NovaGator

    Napier plans "unprecedented" staff at UF

    I read somewhere that Billy Napier had worked somewhere with Butters and holds a high opinion of the guy. It seems that Billy is impressed with his work with quarterbacks and working with the Offense. I hope he doesn't get any bright ideas about bringing him back, as I now hear that Billy has...
  16. NovaGator

    Whorechant’s Corey Clark in shambles: Where CFB is heading in the NIL era

    The spectacle of Travis Hunter is only the onset of this new trend in recruiting. "Pimp Daddy" Deion shows how it is done. Wave a couple million bucks under the kid's nose and watch all semblance of class fly right out the window. So what response can we expect from colleges and universities...
  17. NovaGator

    FSU Fan Meltdown: #1 Recruit in nation flips to JSU, then flips them off

    Hunter and Sanders have a little time on their hands now that both their seasons have ended with a loss.
  18. NovaGator

    Jags fire Urban Meyer

    We haven't seen the last of "The Chinless One". Somebody will fall for his snake-oil charm and give him a shot. He reminds me of a guy I knew years ago when I was in business. He'd hire in someplace and for 6 months or so there would be just a whirlwind of activity, owners smiling ear to ear...
  19. NovaGator

    FSU Fan Meltdown: #1 Recruit in nation flips to JSU, then flips them off

    Hey, I can't really blame a guy for grabbing, what, one, two million bucks? Still, it was a real ghetto and classless look for the guy. His showboating, low class announcement revealed a lot about the guy's true character. Hunter took the money and ran but karma has a way of rearing it's...
  20. NovaGator

    Recruiting 2022 Recruiting Thread: Evers and CJ Smith Decommit

    So one of the final quarterbacks we offered in this years class has made his decision. Chad Mascoe a 3 star Duel Threat prospect from Kissimmee, Florida has decided that he wants to play for little Campbell University. Boasting a student body population of 6,448 students, Campbell University...
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