1. ChiefGator

    Damien Pierce wins starting job in Houston

    He looked good in the first half last night, his line made some movements and he took advantage even when the hole was not where intended.
  2. ChiefGator

    Fall Practice 2022

    And just how did he get hurt? Idiotic celebration. Not that it would have made much difference and I would understand if say one of our players was responsible for hitting hm too hard.
  3. ChiefGator

    Jags fire Urban Meyer

    I think being on a TV show is the best place for him. If he would be popular enough to stay is another story.
  4. ChiefGator

    Notre Dame sucks

    Yes they do suck and they should be forced to join a real league. I remember a fan of theirs years ago at the Sugar Bowl insisting they would win the SEC every year if they belonged. In their fantasy alternative reality.
  5. ChiefGator

    Kyler Murray’s $230M contract says he has to study and pay attention

    If I had to do that he would not be employed by me not even work for free. But that is just me.-
  6. ChiefGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday cover2!

    Happy Birthday! Your contributions are very much appreciated. Looking forward to more of them .
  7. ChiefGator

    Gator Basketball Keyontae Johnson accused of sexual assault

    If the facts are as in the article we need to remove any official contact with the team immediately. He probably will get off but only an idiot has sex with a drunk person, especially if they have declined you previously. His future is in great doubt if he wants to be a coach. Just my foolish...
  8. ChiefGator

    Emory Jones transfers to Arizona State; PAC-12 DB’s pop champagne

    He seems like a nice person, decent student, but foolish. Change position and stay if you want an NFL career. Running back, tight end or slot receiver is his position not QB.. Now if he just wants to play QB at some lower level college go right ahead. I doubt that any top tier school will...
  9. ChiefGator

    Gator Basketball Fire Mid-Major Mike - Conclusive Stats

    What is most discouraging to me is that the team declined during the year. Sure some injuries happened but even before then we beat Ohio State and FSU early, anybody think we could do that again now? Not me.
  10. ChiefGator

    Gator Basketball Fire Mid-Major Mike - Conclusive Stats

    I agree but look what happened with the women's program. We hired someone who was we thought a known commodity. He was an abuser and his replacement has had very good results. It is hard to tell but one thing is you don't change you can't improve.
  11. ChiefGator

    Gator Basketball ***Official Game Thread BBALL*** Florida @ Georgia

    This team is so inconsistent that I don't even watch the game after I know that we won. Very disappointing after a pretty good start. Beat FSU, Beat OSU, declined instead of improving. Time for a change which I usually don't think. Fortunately female sports are starting.
  12. ChiefGator

    What's your best argument against expanding the CFP to eight teams? (Poll!)

    Changing it is almost impossible. You could I suppose go to a drafting system where teams get exclusive rights to players but that would be illegal and immoral. I heard a proposal for the SEC to go it alone I don't like that either.
  13. ChiefGator

    What's your best argument against expanding the CFP to eight teams? (Poll!)

    Interesting idea, but with all the new opportunities for players to make big money while being a college athlete the number of teams might be even further reduced. They might be different ones. I greatly dislike that players can become millionaires over their likeness etc. But that is reality.
  14. ChiefGator

    What's your best argument against expanding the CFP to eight teams? (Poll!)

    Here goes First this would extend the season further and for more teams. They already play longer than is really good for the players. Next it would just allow more teams in that really have no chance of winning. Sort of how having four does today with the ways that they choose them...
  15. ChiefGator

    Gator Basketball ***Official Game Thread BBALL*** Florida vs Auburn

    Another reason not to rush the court. is it that this team is so bad that the fans don't even have hope of winning so if they do a massive celebration is appropriate? I thought Gator fans were more rational than that.
  16. ChiefGator

    Gator Basketball ***Official Game Thread BBALL*** Florida vs Auburn

    While I agree they played good defense a team to be successful needs balance and ways to use their advantages consistently. Auburn is also not that great of a team based on their performance. They made several mostly unforced blunders. Now I generally don't blame the coach when players don't...
  17. ChiefGator

    Gator Basketball ***Official Game Thread BBALL*** Florida vs Auburn

    Once again a game played poorly and luck resulting in a win. So many shots so far off, so many mistakes. We need a new coach. Simple.
  18. ChiefGator

    LA Rams vs. Cincinnati

    The Rams made a lot of mistakes trying to run the ball in traditional ways when say having their QB run would have been more effective.
  19. ChiefGator

    LA Rams vs. Cincinnati

    Me too and the dancing of some of the females is in my view very inappropriate for such a venue today. That said I understand that many enjoyed it. I also did not understand why you would have a small group of musicians for a song nor a large harp. Seems like lots of waste to me, but then I...
  20. ChiefGator

    LA Rams vs. Cincinnati

    That missed facemask call could have been huge, but in the end the refs finally did their job. I also think a penalty should have been called when the Rams defender shoved the QB out of bounds and got a lot of threatening actions. Since I don't really like either team I wanted a well played...
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