Featured UF vs Eastern Washington: Expect a cancellation - OFFICIAL Hurricane Ian Thread

    I tossed a shrimp at your mom’s mangrove, and she saw what happened!! Wait…
  2. BNAG8R

    Side Hat Sacked

    “Money down” has a whole new meaning today.
  3. BNAG8R

    Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. Tennessee

    Perhaps it is time to up the level of moderation around here.
  4. BNAG8R

    Birthday Happy Birthday lizardbreath!

    Who? Never heard of her.
  5. BNAG8R

    Birthday Happy Birthday B52G8rAC!

    Who? Never heard of her.
  6. BNAG8R

    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs UT***

    First posted here Sep 21, 2015. Except for daughter #1 having graduated, and my moving to CO 3+ years ago, pretty much the rest is as true today as ever. --- Let me share with you why I hate UT. I am a lifelong Gator fan. I moved to Florida when I was 4, and was immediately enamored with...
  7. BNAG8R

    Jumbo Biggest Con Artist Ever!

    What’s with the cameltoe?
  8. BNAG8R

    Anthony Richardson

  9. BNAG8R

    Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. Kentucky

  10. BNAG8R

    Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. Kentucky

    Something like this…
  11. BNAG8R

    Birthday Happy Birthday gatorfan81!

    Who? Never heard of her.
  12. BNAG8R

    SEC Shorts for week one

    Is there really a need to start a new thread for every meme, video, article, or random thought about the game?
  13. BNAG8R

    Truth Takes: Florida takes down Utah

    Recruiting was the biggest win last night. Great write-up @GatorTruth133
  14. BNAG8R

    OX Was Right

    This is going well.
  15. BNAG8R

    Break down the 2022 Gators for me

    Wait, wait…I make him better, Humperdinck suffers? That is a noble cause. Give me the sixty-five. I’m on the job!
  16. BNAG8R

    Butters Getting Churned

    Fk that yellow-toothed, PB&J making, hot dog eating, “and-yet”ing, seizing, shark-humping douchenozzle. Edit: and Fk his bbq sauce too.
  17. BNAG8R

    The First Annual GCMB Jabber Memorial Tailgate Blowout! 15-Sep, Colorado State

    That was on Hull Road, but it looks like they might have changed the “free RV” lot to behind the Hilton on 34th: Free first-come, first-serve RV parking is located on Hull Road west of SW 34th Street behind the Hilton Hotel and Conference Center. Once you enter the parking area the road will...
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