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    Featured UF vs Eastern Washington: Expect a cancellation - OFFICIAL Hurricane Ian Thread

    I have never seen so much belly aching about a damn storm from Floridians. Good grief, pull it together men.
  2. NVGator

    Truth Takes: Florida at Tennessee 2022

    You see how quickly you got to your point? Also, I’m just being snarky. I thought that’s way we do?
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    Birthday Happy Birthday Double Gator Dad!

    Happy Birthday DGD. Hope it’s your best and not your last.
  4. NVGator

    Truth Takes: Florida at Tennessee 2022

    You Fools need to learn how to make shorter posts for Gods sake.
  5. NVGator

    The Jacksonville Jaguars Thread

    Jags on the up and up.
  6. NVGator

    Patrick Toney

  7. NVGator

    Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. Tennessee

    Who is this Cover2 you all speak of?
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    RIP rogdochar - Gatorchatter will never be the same

    I have massive amount of extended family in Callahan. They confirmed knowing Dr. Harrison. In addition, do we have a Dr. Gerald Burford on here? Fernandina? Also a huge Gator fan.
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    Music On Your Mind v.2

  10. NVGator

    Music On Your Mind v.2

  11. NVGator

    Anthony Richardson

    Thanks for clarifying.
  12. NVGator

    Anthony Richardson

    He’s the OSU transfer but I don’t know about a busted thumb. Rub some dirt on it.
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    UF at UT Score Prediction

    We’re going to get skull Fuchsed.
  14. NVGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday lizardbreath!

    Happy Birthday LB. Hope it’s not your last.
  15. NVGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday B52G8rAC!

    Happy Birthday B52. Make it your best, just not your last.
  16. NVGator

    Anthony Richardson

    WTF? Kitna was already on roster. Billy brought in Miller. Where TF is Miller?
  17. NVGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday Theologator!

    Happy Birthday Theo. Hope it’s your best just not your last.
  18. NVGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday ThreatMatrix!

    Happy Birthday TM. Hope it’s your best just not your last.
  19. NVGator

    Anthony Richardson

    Wing T Baby!
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