1. NVGator

    RIP Vin Scully

    I’m sure some of you Old Raisins only heard him on the old Ham Radio. Im also sure some of you Old Raisins don’t give a schit for a Dodger guy. However, RIP. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/34338705/vin-scully-iconic-former-los-angeles-dodgers-broadcaster-dies-age-94
  2. NVGator

    Open Letter: A Message To Gator Nation

    Just in case you don't get the email, thought you'd like to read Billy's letter. Gator Nation, We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous amount of support you have shown our entire organization, team and our families since our arrival in Gainesville. We recently had...
  3. NVGator

    High School Coaches Salaries

    What are the salaries of the HS Coaches? It’s minimal here. Might be why there is such a description between East & West Coast. Schit I’ve been asked to coach.
  4. NVGator

    Happy Birthday jmskjrgator

    Hope it was your best and not your last.
  5. NVGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday ufgator812!

    Happy Birthday Big Fella. Hope you are doing well. Don't know why you quit us but we miss ya. Hope it's a great one but not your last one.
  6. NVGator

    Michigan's Howard Suspended Rest of Season

    All of 5 more games. Wow, what a blow. Michigan's Howard suspended for rest of season Thank God Howard never called someone a Feller.
  7. NVGator

    The Jacksonville Jaguars Thread

    I know many here don’t like the Jags but there are a few Gator Fans that do. I figured we could have a catch all that is about the future and no more about the Meyer firing thread. The draft is coming up and a new coaching search to discuss. Don’t get this thread off topic or face a 3 day...
  8. NVGator

    Any Jeep Wrangler Owners Here?

    I looking to do some modifications to my Jeep and looking for suggestions, tips, not to dos.
  9. NVGator

    Hawaii Out Of Bowl Game

    Hawai'i Bowl canceled after Hawai'i withdraws Memphis makes the trip there. It’s canceled.
  10. NVGator

    Squirrel Suits

    I know this isn’t anything new. Could our resident Airborne guys do it? I’m like No Fuchs Way. @Homer J No sure who else. @Detroitgator would have been on the ground coordinating. @Swamp Donkey would have been drawing in the sand.
  11. NVGator

    Gary Patterson done at TCU; headed to Gainesville?

    The rise and fall? of TCU. Is this really a fall? Gary gives them the finger. 20 Fuchsing years. I’m sure they think they could get better. Fuchs you Mullen. Let’s Go Brandon. Patterson out immediately after 20 years at TCU
  12. NVGator

    Why aren’t we competing at golf?

    What the hell? If we suck at football, why can’t we compete at golf? We are fuchsing Florida.
  13. NVGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday SavannahGator!

    I can’t believe you don’t have a birthday thread yet. A legend around here and the old GSMB. Happy Birthday @SavannahGator . Hope it’s your best but not your last.
  14. NVGator

    U.S. Open Golf

    Wish we had more golf fans here. We have more Hockey threads and Gymnastics threads than PGA. I could make a lot of snide comments but I’ll refrain. If you’re playing well, play fast. If you’re playing bad, play faster.
  15. NVGator

    Monster Mondo Challenge

    A buddy of mine owns 4 Pizza Plus' here. Pizza Plus | It’s Our Thing… Pizza and Wings! They have a Monster Mondo challenge that is a 24" pizza that weighs 40 pounds. Here's a fun video of few boys trying to finish it. If you finish it in 1 hour, it's free. BTW their food, all of it, is...
  16. NVGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday SeabeeGator!

    Whatever happened to that Sumbītch? Happy Birthday Seabee. Hope it’s a good on but not your last one.
  17. NVGator

    Catalytic Converter Thefts

    We are seeing a significant rise is a rare theft. A year ago we were seeing a couple. This year it’s x10. A few a week. The precious metal is valuable. Higher trucks & SUVs are being targeted as well as the Toyota Prius. Apparently there’s a plate cover to secure them.
  18. NVGator

    One Video Worth Watching

    This could be in the Sports Forum but IDK. I’m sure @Zambo will appreciate it.
  19. NVGator

    Dude Perfect - Airplane Trick Shots.

    This has @Zambo @pilot-in-fla @DaveFla written all over it. I’m sure I’m forgetting some on here as well.
  20. NVGator

    Music On Your Mind v.2

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