1. daytonacane

    Miami vs. UF Series

    I recently came across why Miami & UF stopped the yearly game in 1987. First of all Spurrer wanted to continue the series as did Miami, however, the SEC added a 6th game (I think it was a home game) & UF had to choose between keeping Miami or FSU and UF felt they had more in common or interest...
  2. daytonacane

    Miami #1 - UF #5

    Well, at least we are #1 in something!!!!!. Four teams in FL made the top 10 most hated ------ guess everyone hates a winner. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-footballs-10-most-hated-teams-of-all-time-ranked-191181557/
  3. daytonacane

    1959 Attendance

    I was looking thru some football items that my late husband had of the Univ. of Miami football where he played from 1957 - 61. Curci was the QB & Jim Otto, center. (00 for the Raiders). I came across an interesting attendance page that gave the stats for Miami's away games in 1959. Actually...
  4. daytonacane

    The CAT

    The best action including plan and result that occurred at our miserable Miami vs. Appalachian State game this past Friday was the heroic save in an American Flag of a stray cat who somehow ended up on the top tier of the stadium hanging on by his/her paws. She/he subsequent fell into a large...
  5. daytonacane

    Stumpy Harris - RIP

    I just received some sad news that Stumpy Harris passed away. I graduated from high school @ Robert E. Lee in Jax w/Stumpy and this year we had tentatively planned our 65th high school reunion. He was a devoted Gator fan & we always teased him about wearing Gator gear to any and ALL functions...
  6. daytonacane

    Any Ophthalmologists on the board

    Well, you get one thing fixed & something else pops up. Guess if you live long enough, you are going to have something. I am scheduled to have a Gundersen procedure on my left (blind) eye Jan. 13th. I google enough to be dangerous but what I understand is that membrane is taken from the upper...
  7. daytonacane

    Govt. Loan for small businesses

    A number of months ago my grandson who owns a landscaping company & has 3 employees applied for a low-interest govt. loan. He just received an email today accepting his application of a loan up to $10,000. @ 3% interest and 30 years to pay off. Anyone else applied; if so, have you heard back?
  8. daytonacane

    Used Car buying help

    Looking @ local toyota dealer car for $11,500 - for a 2017 toyota corolla w/50,200 miles, precert, & one-owner. I was given Out the door price of $13,740.23. Sales mgr. stated he waivered $995. Cert. fee & $850 Recon fee which is a bunch of bunk!!! They are going to bring the car to my home to...
  9. daytonacane

    Car Crash

    My grandson went to the store for me at my request & used my car. I had a 2007 Toyota camry LE that was a cream puff....no dents, etc., perfect shape inside & outside and only had 67,500 miles on it. Never had any problem with it whatsoever. Well, as I am 82 I thought this would last my...
  10. daytonacane


    I have had it with Spectrum. I had the internet, land-line phone & cable TV bundled and a breakdown of the charges revealed I was paying $136./month for cable TV. I mainly watch the news, occasionally a couple of sitcoms and always football. Do any of you have Hulu and any problem getting any...
  11. daytonacane

    "Corona Virus Blues" by the Chillbillie twins

    Lyrics by twin sisters from Louisiana, Pam & Pat. Pam is a retired flight nurse. It took them 45 minutes to write the lyrics. They put it on facebook for their friends and it caught on like wild fire. Funny lyrics & catchy tune.
  12. daytonacane

    Do you get the flu shot?

    Wondering how many of you get the flu shot annually? I do 'cause I am old and subject to get anything going around, but some don't think it does any good or even gives them the flu. I worked in the health care field and it was mandatory. I also have gotten the pneumonia shot, pertussin shot...
  13. daytonacane

    Attendance down for college football

    College football heads in wrong direction with largest attendance drop in 34 years What do you feel attributes to this. Accessibility of games on TV, people tired of Alabama ruling, cost of tickets and donation requirements, etc. ??
  14. daytonacane

    Old Daytonacane lady is back!

    I had the minimally invasive mitral value surgery w/replacement of a pig valve on Oct. 30th @ the Univ.of Miami Hospital (formerly Cedars Hospital) by Dr. Joseph Lamelas, cardiothoracic surgeon. He said I did extremely well and the amazing part is that I have never had any pain whatsoever. My...
  15. daytonacane

    Note from your old Cane lady

    Dear Gator friends, just a short note to let you know I will be out of order or commission for a few weeks. Going down to Miami tomorrow to have open heart surgery - replacement of the mitral valve with a pig valve by a specialist, Dr, Joseph Lamalas who does this microscoply vs. sawing into...
  16. daytonacane

    Congrats from a Cane

    Congrats on your win. My mojo & juju nearly worked but the Gators were the better team. Geez, had Baxa made that field goal there would have been only 1 point difference. I thought Miami looked better than I had anticipated. Hopefully our OL will improve as I don't think they can get too...
  17. daytonacane

    War Canoe

    Obviously, the canoe has collected a lot of dust while in UM care... Ghosts of the Orange Bowl Yesterday at 11:46 AM Miami Sports Hall of Fame, where it has resided since 1989. The canoe was retired after the 1987 game when the annual rivalry ended. The canoe was hand-carved by Seminole...
  18. daytonacane

    The Canes or Butters?

    The Canes play your former great coach's (Butters) team, Central Michigan. Who do you want to win or perhaps I should say who do you dislike the most?
  19. daytonacane

    Ameriprise Financial

    I have had my IRA thru a financial manager at Morgan-Stanley for the past 11 years and have always had double-digit gains., been satisfied with fees, etc. He has now moved from them to Ameriprise Financial. I, of course, have the option to stay put or go with him which I am leaning toward...
  20. daytonacane

    % of Blue Chip players

    Miami just moved (2019)into this category of over 50% of blue chip players (50.6%) (4 to 5 star). Alabama has around 77% in comparison but interesting is the fact that FSU has over 60%. Not sure of UF's percentage. While the higher the percent, the better the chance for a NC, however, I don't...
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