1. CapitalGator02

    UCF: When we have this many haters, we’re doing something right

    Undefeated against “AL.” What a bunch of dipschits; When we have this many haters, we’re doing something right. | UCFSports.com :jerkstore:
  2. CapitalGator02

    Corndog Look-alike Thread

    It's that time. Though LSU looks as about as good as five week old sushi, it's still an important SEC opponent so we need to do our part here. You know what to do http://www.lsusports.net/SportSelect.dbml?SPSID=27812&SPID=2164
  3. CapitalGator02

    Team of Sister Lovers Look Alike Thread

    Now that we're all back on the Mac train :grin: and it's officially game week, no better way to kick things off with a look alike thread for the toothless butt chuggers
  4. CapitalGator02

    Northern Colorado Pot Smokers Look-Alike Thread

    I know it's a early, but ready to get the Meatchikin game taste out of my mouth. Just wait, next week will be our offense's coming out party...:lmao2: Roster: http://uncbears.com/roster.aspx?path=football
  5. CapitalGator02

    Cowgirls and Dak; Coach Mac, Take Note

    Even though Dak is playing out of necessity due to Romo's most recent bout of vaginal spasms, this is a prime example of why it's imperative to play the best player, regardless of age, race, looks, etc. This not only ensures that the best players are on the field (what a novel idea), but it...
  6. CapitalGator02

    College Football Playoff Thread

    What I think: 1) Bama 2) Oregon 3) FSPoo 4) OSU What I hope: 1) Bama 2) Oregon 3) OSU 4) TCU Urban can't escape Saban (esophageal spasms kicking in). Noles have to go to Cali, Big 12 snubbed. Looking forward to it!
  7. CapitalGator02

    Foley Headed To Ft. Collins - Jim McElwain to be hired

    Pulled a fast one. Instead of using a UF owned aircraft, they charted a Citation from Jacksonville, flew it to Joplin, MO and is now headed to Fort Collins, CO. Looks like we probably have our next HC http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N843DW
  8. CapitalGator02

    Another Dawg Whipping

    Haden applied the lock down on Green last night. Held him to 3/10 for 23 yards, with two passes defended. Although I don't really care for the NFL, especially their Thursday night sh!t piles, it's always great to see our rivals struggle at the hands of Gators, on any level. Suck it ball lickers.
  9. CapitalGator02

    PSU vs OSU - Anyone Watching? Swindle 2.0

    OSU's first TD came off of a PSU pick that clearly hit the ground. Apparently, whoever is in charge of running the replay booth showed the head ump the wrong angles (still clearly hit the ground). Field goal came on a ball that was snapped three seconds after the play clock hit zero. Must...
  10. CapitalGator02

    WM Announces Treon Harris Will Start vs UGA

    Note: Driskel will play a different role on the field. TE? Per SEC conference call
  11. CapitalGator02

    Holes vs. Clempsun

    I can't believe these words are coming out of my mouth, but I hope the Holes win. Rapeis's teammates and the nation will finally realize how little he means/meant to their success.
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