1. cornbread

    Game day sign for Mac

    Friend going to Ohio State vs Penn State game wanting clever idea for sign
  2. cornbread

    Say it ain't so Ole Miss!

    self imposes postseason ban
  3. cornbread

    Green Bay comeback win

    Rodgers arm strength is almost as strong as peyton:snob:
  4. cornbread

    OSU drilling Wisconsin

  5. cornbread

    Come on Boston College

    please finish strong and pull off the win
  6. cornbread

    Jimbo interview after game

    not quoting but he said that his team was classy and had the highest integrity and character, I would post the clip but not computer literate, makes me puke about as much as muschamp, drink up :drunk: go gators, we won't be down long with the right coach and qb
  7. cornbread

    30 minute ban

    If I talk vulgar on gatorchatter can I expect a 30 minute ban from ox
  8. cornbread

    Jeremy Foley on Paul Finebaum

    i live here in Alabama so paul finebaum is on for 4 hours, he interviewed foley and never asked him hard questions, but he did state that he thought we would rebound, but what else would he say. a lot of callers also said that they thought we would rebound and most thought we should win them all...
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