1. NovaGator

    Remembering December 7th 1941.

    Today we remember one of the 6 dates that will forever be remembered: July 4th, 1776: The birthday of the greatest country on earth. December 7th, 1941: A date that lives in infamy, a day that a reluctant nation was dragged into WWII. June 6th, 1944: The day that, with the eyes of the...
  2. NovaGator

    I have to admit, that was funny!

    My buddy Al recently got himself a new cell phone and set up a voice prompt for his message box. Always the joker, he couldn't be satisfied with the usual "Leave me a message after the Beep". Oh,no way! That wouldn't be any fun! He comes up with the following: When I called him, after several...
  3. NovaGator

    What is your best investment ever?

    My wife once worked for a dentist who decided to form a dental HMO. He offer his employees the opportunity to purchase 25,000 shares for $2500. About 10 years later he got into a pissing match with his partner. Each wanted to take control and I was contacted by said partner who offered to buy...
  4. NovaGator

    Nine Gators who hope to turn some heads

    After displaying their individual talents on the field last season, 9 of the guys have been invited the this year's NFL Combine: Florida Gators Invited to 2021 NFL Combine QB Kyle Trask WR Kadarius Toney WR Trevon Grimes TE Kyle Pitts OT Stone Forsythe DT Tedarrell Slaton CB Marco Wilson S Shawn...
  5. NovaGator

    November 25, 1963

    For those of you that are not old enough to recall that sorrowful day, it was on that date that a mourning nation laid it 35th president, John F. Kennedy to rest. Shot from afar by a disenfranchised mad man in the prime of his life, John was denied the opportunity to set a course that may have...
  6. NovaGator

    Part Time Gig Advise Please

    So here's the deal. I am semi-retired and have no desire to just sit around the house. I would like to find some type of distributorship. Please, no Avon, Amway, Amsoil, etc. I can come up with about $75,000 to get started. Any advise? Thanks for your thoughts.
  7. NovaGator

    I just can't believe......

    ....that there are people who still fall for these Craigs List scams. Vehicles worth $7500 or more being offered for sale at a fraction of their value. Yet people stand in line in order to be conned out of their money. Check out the following example: Another one making the rounds is someone...
  8. NovaGator

    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished?

    Sometimes I wonder what am I doing? While browsing the posts on Craigslist, I came across a post from some guy asking for a handout. Seems like while trying to get back out west somewhere the junky old Dodge he had blew the transmission. They were holed up in a local fleabag hotel, no food...
  9. NovaGator

    What to Do?

    Alright gang. My wife just came into $270,000. We have no debt, own our house free and clear. Where would be a good, safe place to invest it? I have been advised Series EE saving's bonds. She doesn't want to put any more money into the stock market or mutual funds. What would you advise?
  10. NovaGator

    Question on annuties

    Sometime around 1991 little wifey and I invested $50k in a Northwestern Mutual annuity. When I turned 62, the annuity had grown to a little over $150K. The contract called for a minimum of 3.5%, which pays us a monthly amount of $442. My accountant claims it as $5300 payout all fully taxable...
  11. NovaGator

    Big Nole booster cashes in his chips; Circus flags at half staff

    Prominent FSU contributor Albert J. Dunlap dies 13 comments An important benefactor of Florida State sports passes on. By David [email protected] Jan 26, 2019, 1:15pm EST Share Judy and Al Dunlap The Florida State community has lost a devoted supporter, as Albert J. Dunlap has...
  12. NovaGator

    Just Anounced: Frost to Nebraska

    So who were the geniuses that guaranteed Frost would never, ever return to Nebraska?
  13. NovaGator

    Now Where is the Justice in This?

    UF hires an unknown head coach a couple years back and proves to be a flop. Administration finally pulls the plug and we have to pay him somewhere between $8 and $12 million just to get rid of him. This is in addition of what Chump is bleeding UF for every year. On top of that we are now...
  14. NovaGator

    Things Could Always Be Worse

    Much has been written about AD FOOly and his choice of Mac as the HBC for the Gators. But hey, what if he had decided to go in a different direction than Jimmy. Here are some other guys that he could have called that had the head coaching experience FOOLy coveted: Terry "Tater Tot" Bowden: Now...
  15. NovaGator

    So Tell Me about Mac's Signature Win

    We have had 2 seasons of the Mac Regime already. Won the SECeast both times. What was his best win? IMO, it was last season's game at LSU. Game got moved to Baton Rouge because of a hurricane that turned out to be a non-event. Go in to that boiling cauldron of rabid Tiger fanatics as...
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