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    Tuesday Favorites…..online games

    Do you have any mindless online games that you play just to kill time? Solitaire used to be my go-to game. Now Seedy and I compete with Wordle and Quordle. The kids used to join us but they are lame. WORDLE https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html QUORDLE: https://www.quordle.com/#/
  2. CDGator

    Wednesday Worsts….Earworms (I’m sorry)

    What is an earworm? An earworm is a fragment of a song that seems to get stuck in your head and won’t go away. Symptoms can include repeatedly singing, humming or tapping, and even walking down the street to the beat of a song. At first, it can start out as a pleasant experience but can lead to...
  3. CDGator

    Tuesday Favorites… Greatest Single Line in a Song

    ****Edit: a single line is difficult. Verse or chorus counts too.
  4. CDGator

    Wednesday Worsts…Misleading Products

    What are some of the worst misleading products if you were to read the fine print? I found out last week that Clorox wipes don’t actually contain bleach. I just assumed they did. Fruit drinks and pop tarts that don’t contain real fruit are some of the obvious ones.
  5. CDGator

    Tuesday Favorites… Pranks or practical jokes

    As teenagers a lot of people would TP or egg a house. Fortunately I’ve never had to clean up anything like it before. Now that there are video cameras everywhere kids probably don’t do that as much. What’s the best prank or practical joke you’ve heard about or done?
  6. CDGator

    If you could know the time and place of your death…

    If you could know the time and place of your death but couldn’t do anything to change it, prepare for it or tell anyone, would you want to know?
  7. CDGator

    Wednesday Worsts…Movie

    We’ve done the worst critically acclaimed movie but what is the hands down, bar none, stab your eyeballs out worst movie ever?
  8. CDGator

    Wednesday Worsts…Sports Loss

    Sports loss…Go
  9. CDGator

    Tuesday Favorites…fun food

    What is a food that you would eat as a kid just because of the marketing, toy or wrapper? Some cereals or happy meals came with great toys. I liked the Gouda cheese in the wax wrappers.
  10. CDGator

    Wednesday Worsts….Toys

    Two toys come to mind as the worst. Jack in the Box. The anticipation is awful waiting for it to pop up. Hated that toy. Original Lawn Darts with the metal tips. For obvious reasons.
  11. CDGator

    Twosday Favorites.....Beach

    @Seedy brought it to my attention that today was National Beach Day after I had already posted the Seinfeld thread so now we have two favorites. Hope you all can deal with the chaos and still participate. What's your favorite beach?
  12. CDGator

    Tuesday Favorites…. Seinfeld

  13. CDGator

    Tuesday Favorites…legendary athletes (non-Gators)

    We all love our Gator athletes and can be biased against players from other teams. If we’re being honest, who are some of your favorite athletes from other teams on and off the field. Maybe for being a legendary athlete, philanthropic reasons or just their impact on a community like Wuerffel...
  14. CDGator

    Unsolved Mysteries

    I was talking to the kids today about some unsolved mysteries and lost knowledge. (Greek Fire, Stonehenge, Roman concrete, Easter Island, Pyramids etc.) If you could find out the answer to one unsolved mystery, what would you pick?
  15. CDGator

    Wednesday Worsts….Some Assembly Required

    What’s the worst project you’ve ever had to assemble? Did you persevere through or quit and hire someone?
  16. CDGator

    Tuesday Favorites... Unusual Architecture

  17. CDGator

    Wednesday Worsts….overrated

  18. CDGator

    Tuesday Favorites… food or thing no longer made

    What’s your favorite item that is no longer made?
  19. CDGator

    Tuesday Favorites….Flooring

    Good Lord, I’m running out of favorite things to discuss. It’s now come to flooring. :headslap: What’s your favorite flooring type for: -Common areas -Bedroom -Bathroom Bonus points for even replying. :lol:
  20. CDGator

    Mega “Billion” Lottery

    The drawing tonight for the Mega Million lottery is $1.2 BILLION. https://www.megamillions.com/ What’s your first purchase if you win?
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