1. Gatorraid81

    Just beat the Noles and get a top 10 Recruiting Class

    That's about as good as we can hope for the remainder of this season. Of course I want to win the rest of the games and get a top 5 class, but lets be realistic here. It ain't happening. We ain't beating the Dawgs, they had their bad game and we'll make Fromm look amazing yet again this year...
  2. Gatorraid81

    Strategy with Emory Jones moving forward

    I had predicted that EJ wouldn't play today. Since Mullen still wanted to redshirt him and with the Trask injury. I didn't think Mullen would elect to use one of his final two games to use him against a cupcake. If Franks goes down next week, he has to play EJ. Now if there's one thing Franks...
  3. Gatorraid81

    With 4 games left, what one True Freshman do you want to see that hasn't seen the field yet?

    I'll go with Copeland, if he's healthy.
  4. Gatorraid81

    Other than retirement, the most controversial off-the-field choice Spurrier made as our coach?

    I know I don't start many of these topics, but with all the Meyer stuff going on, I wondered what was the worst thing our greatest coach (Spurrier) could be accused of while our coach. I'm 37 now, so Spurrier took over when I was 9. I never remembered Spurrier getting accused of any NCAA wrong...
  5. Gatorraid81

    If there’s a worse offense out there, then show proof

    Is there really a more horrible one out there than us? Given that we’re “suppose” to be one of the top power 5 programs in the nation, how can we continue to look so inept on offense? Please provide proof if there is.
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