1. heversle

    Offensive Line: O'Cyrus Torrence dominates Utah

    The O-line and specifically Mr. O'Cyrus Torrence was elite in the Utah game. I encourage anybody to go back and focus on #54 in that game. I say Mr. because he was like a man amongst boys. He was the catalyst for a number of the big runs we had in that game. Our line immediately goes from good...
  2. heversle

    Running Backs

    I was very impressed by what I saw from the running backs tonight. Obviously, ball security will be a point of emphasis this week in practice, but I think Johnson and Etienne both made up for it with stellar play throughout the game. If the O-line can continue playing like this in SEC play, we...
  3. heversle

    Should we feel good about our receiver room this year?

    If we can't run the ball down the throats of the majority of the teams we face this year, I think it might be reminiscent of last season. I love what Napier is doing with the program since taking over and I think we will be a contender after the next few recruiting classes, but I just don't see...
  4. heversle

    Off-Season Prediction: Emory Jones will...?

    At the risk of coming across as homerish or overly optimistic, I believe Emory Jones will have a huge season as a first time starter. I think defenses have to respect his running ability, as he will no longer be a situational quarterback, which should open up favorable matchups to exploit in the...
  5. heversle

    We put up a damn good fight

    I have been critical of this team (and staff) at times this year for a multitude of reasons, but they played their asses off tonight. Alabama just made a couple more plays that decided the game. The offense proved they can score with any team in the country. Aside from a few untimely sacks, Bama...
  6. heversle

    Kadarius Toney

    With the majority of the accolades going to the two Kyles (and rightfully so), can we take a moment to acknowledge how brilliant he has been this year? His transformation into a complete receiver has been nothing short of miraculous. He is going to be drafted on his playmaking ability alone, but...
  7. heversle

    We need more Freshmen starters on Defense...can’t get any worse!

    Seniority playing a factor in who starts is now totally irrelevant. The defense has been unbelievably poor this season, effectively minimizing and now squandering the efforts of a potentially all-time great offense. Our secondary is mediocrity personified. Elam and Shawn Davis have played...
  8. heversle

    Let’s talk Special Teams

    Although we avoided major blunders with sure-handed Freddie Swain as a returner, our punt return game has been underwhelming in recent years. Tyrie had some nice moments when given the chance, but we’ve lacked a game breaking return man in the kick return game as well. Who would you like to see...
  9. heversle

    Newest Recruit

    Meet little Makai Born 11/29 7 lbs, 3 oz Future Gators ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Dual Threat QB :grin: We’re a bit sleep deprived, but beyond excited to have a healthy baby boy just in time for the holidays. :chomp:
  10. heversle

    Terry Dean was non-existent on Saturday

    How about Terry Dean? It’s like he wasn’t even on the field against UGA? :grin: But, in all seriousness, Dean and Wilson have been pretty disappointing in big games this season. Wilson was great as a Freshmen and Dean seemed to be coming into his own towards the end of last year. Why have they...
  11. heversle

    Defensive Line

    Will this be the year we go back to having a game changing defensive line? Greenard and Zuniga seem to be poised to be quite the duo to deal with in the SEC this year.
  12. heversle

    Offseason arrest bug strikes again: Brian Edwards arrested

    https://247sports.com/college/florida/Article/Florida-Gators-Football-Brian-Edwards-arrested-on-misdemeanor-battery-charge-131834889/ Thoughts? Besides the obvious I mean :facepalm:
  13. heversle

    Stiff QB Daniel Jones taken in top 10 of NFL Draft

    If anybody thinks Feleipe Franks can’t possibly be drafted in the 1st round, look at who the New York Giants drafted with the 6th pick last night. If he has a solid year, don’t be shocked. :dance:
  14. heversle

    Any update on C.J.?

    Haven’t heard much about his injury. I’m assuming it will be addressed by Coach Mullen, but has anybody heard anything in the meantime?
  15. heversle

    Jachai Polite

    Time to put some respect on this man's name. He's been absolutely huge for us all year. We haven't had a dominant pass rusher like this kid in a while.
  16. heversle


    Did anybody watch the fight? It was very close, but I did not agree with the decision. Thoughts?
  17. heversle

    The Bright Side

    There isn’t much positive to say the morning after. We’re clearly rebuilding and hopefully the loss will humble the team. At the very least, a more fundamentally sound team that executed on a more regular basis would be a welcomed upgrade. That being said, I see a silver lining. Let’s look at...
  18. heversle

    Former Corndog and Redskins RB Derrius Guice Out for Season

    Tore his ACL in the pre-season opener. Dez Bryant, Browns expected to meet next week
  19. heversle

    Biggest Redzone Threat This Season

    With the addition of numerous tall transfers and JUCO kids at WR and TE, we seemingly have a nice size advantage over most secondaries we will face this season. However, for the life of me, I can’t even remember the last time we attempted a fade pass in end zone this decade. Who do you think...
  20. heversle

    10 years ago, if I told you...

    Deonte Thompson would still be on an NFL roster and Percy Harvin would be out of the league...would you believe me? Btw, he is playing for the Cowboys on a 1 year deal. They just released Dez Bryant so he might actually get a decent amount of PT this year. I have a feeling we’re gonna start...
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