1. fischerwood

    Is anyone else having trouble opening video on Florida gators.com?

    I get a black screen anytime I try to open the video. All other sites are OK (ESPN, Gatorchatter, etc.) any suggestions? I started having this issue last week and have not changed any settings in my laptop, thanks for any help...Go Gators... :jog:
  2. fischerwood

    OX Was Right

    Ox, my main man, great prognostication...I was yelling YESSSSSS 20 miles west of Athens last night as Burney sealed the deal. Too many games have gone the wrong way @ the end to wit: 1980 Gator bowl with the butt-lickers with me in the west stands. It brought out a primal yell when we FINISHED...
  3. fischerwood

    It's not how you start...

    It's how you finish...Re: Tampa Bay times article on our Florida Gators, ( the same one who started the downfall of Charley Pell ). Our Gators have an opportunity to disprove the pundits once again and kick the s*it out of the competition, so we will look forward to this 64th season of watching...
  4. fischerwood

    A Real Tizzy

    Laughing my a** off listening to sports talk radio up here in Winder, Ga. Seems Bennett hasn't decided to come back or enter the draft. All the butt sniffers have their adidas in a wad of who is going to be the guy if he departs... (Take the money and run kid) would be the smart play IMHO Go...
  5. fischerwood

    We have officially become...

    The State of Florida's new Vanderbilt...Bye Again... And where are Cover's comments on yesterday's debacle?
  6. fischerwood

    I'm Done

    As an avid sports fan for over 7 decades that started when my Dad ran the Sports Service Franchise at old Al Lang Field in St. Petersburg where I watched the Yanks & the Cards play and learned about baseball and competing at a young age, playing high school football as an undersized 130 lb. sub...
  7. fischerwood

    ***OFFICIAL SECCG THREAD: UF vs. TidePods***

    We Beat Bama, Trask wins the Heisman; we don't, Jones wins the Heisman. We play defense like we have been, and don't have any success running the ball, we are screeewed... Cousin Eddie is not a mean SOB who takes no prisoners, unlike Nick, who will jam the game down our throats from the opening...
  8. fischerwood

    Worth the read...what sports should be about...

    a great article I just finished reading on ESPN website: An 87-year-old coach's journey to 3,912 wins over 66 years at 1 school
  9. fischerwood

    Gator Baseball Is it baseball season yet?

    Done watching BB after team has mailed it in...
  10. fischerwood

    The Gators lost a great fan this Saturday

    Long time friend & Dentist Tom Hess went to be with the Lord Saturday. He was a longtime member of the FGTDC in Gainesville. We went a few road trips to watch our Gators play and had a blast playing golf the weekend of the Tennessee game when we were staying in Gatlinburg. (Gators won Big under...
  11. fischerwood

    When was the last time The Gators...

    Were a 24 point dog? Says a lot about the SEC East...saying we got problems is the biggest understatement since DJT became the President-Elect. All the negative adjectives apply to our football program it would seem. I certainly hope we can find our way out of this dismal morass. I'm praying...
  12. fischerwood

    meet the newest Gator @ Fischerwood

    Meet Miss Molly. the newest Gator in the house. Miss Muttley our Cardigan went to be with the gator greats who are looking down on us. Go Gators beat the commode doors
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