1. 8802Gator

    Semi-Custom Putter I'm Making

    Figured the few golf folks here might wanna see this. My dad was friends with a custom putter maker named T.P. Mills when I was born. T.P. heard my dad was having a kid so he made me a custom putter and gave it to my dad. My Godson was born not long ago, and I wanna make him a semi custom putter...
  2. 8802Gator

    Building Myself Some New Clubs

    A lawyer buddy of mine with more money than sense bought a set of Mizuno Mp-20 HMB's and couldn't hit them. I've done a bunch of work for him in the past so he told me all he wanted was the shafts so if I took the shafts out for him I could have the heads. Pulled the shafts, and cleaned the...
  3. 8802Gator

    Mullen catfished recruits because he's lazy

    Title says it all really
  4. 8802Gator

    Diabate Tweets on S&C Program

    Gotta be ****ing kidding me with this ****. Mullen might be the laziest head coach in history. The lack of attention to detail and lack of accountability that we have heard about the last couple days is incredible. I know the players expressed their support for Savage to stay on but his ass...
  5. 8802Gator

    Emory Jones Progress

    Read a VIP article on another site. Most of it was expected but the bit on the qb room was encouraging. It said that Franks looked like the clear cut starter at the beginning of spring but never progressed from that point. Jones opened some eyes in the final week of spring and now his work ethic...
  6. 8802Gator

    Ahmad Black poking fun at Urban

    Thought this was a funny exchange between Ahmad Black And Mike James. Black is talking about how the kids who threw up the eww on their visit with Gators jerseys on don't deserve to wear the colors. Mike James asks Ahmad what Urban would've done in that situation.
  7. 8802Gator

    Changes to the Program Already

    Media will have more access to players and will be able to sit in on more practice periods. There will also be some media availability in the football offices/coaches meeting rooms. Not sure if this is temporary to give more fan engagement for the rest of the season or this is the new norm now...
  8. 8802Gator

    Monitor suggestions

    I have been slowly putting together a race sim rig when money allows. I now want to upgrade from my tv with its input lag and low refresh rate to a monitor that will be dedicated to the sim rig. I don't know much about monitors so wondering if you have any suggestions. Also I'm thinking about...
  9. 8802Gator

    Terrible timing on Vandy's part

    Several players going through a rape investigation and they tweet this out.
  10. 8802Gator

    The new Colonel Sanders is creepy

    Not sure what they are thinking with that. I heard somewhere the actor went to Florida.
  11. 8802Gator

    Official vehicular transportation of GCMB thread

    Inspired by Ox's Corvette build thread. What is everybody driving these days? About a month ago I sold my 2000 Camaro and bought a 2011 Volkswagen GTI. Absolutely love it so far. Especially since it is the first car I have ever owned that has air conditioning.
  12. 8802Gator

    Anonymous player exit interview

    Saw this on another site. Wasnt a pay to see article. Not even sure if the poster just made this stuff up because he didnt post a link, but I thought it was worth sharing. Quarterback Treon Harris: I just think he needs to work on being a better quarterback, because he's a really good football...
  13. 8802Gator

    Braxton Miller thinking about transferring to FSU

    That's the rumor going around. I dont know why he would leave OSU other than he has no desire to compete for his job with Barrett. Hopefully it doesnt happen. I cant stand anymore good fortune going to the criminoles. Pretty interesting though. Not everyday a Heisman hopeful transfers.
  14. 8802Gator

    Is anybody watching BYU vs Memphis?

    Went from a great football game to a title fight real quick. Included a Blount like sucker punch by a byu player.
  15. 8802Gator

    Colin Cowherd is annoying

    And that is the family friendly title. He is the most condescending person on tv. I would say he is God's gift to sports, but he probably thinks he is better than God. Even when he is making fun of a team I hate in Michigan he makes me hate him. That's all I got really. Eff him and Hoge.
  16. 8802Gator

    Driskel Transferring to Duke?

    Bob Redman said that UF has given Driskel permission to look at other schools. Thomas Goldkamp followed that up by saying that Driskel leaving has been a not very well kept secret around the team. Wish him luck, but I am excited to move on.
  17. 8802Gator

    Bye Muschamp

    Your conservative gameplan bit us in the ass at the end. Never should have been that close.
  18. 8802Gator

    Softball Recruiting class

    Just saw that today was signing day for softball. We signed seven girls. Cant really tell you much else because I havent followed the process. Here is a link to the class. http://www.gatorzone.com/mobile/news/29159
  19. 8802Gator

    Gotta hand it to the coaches

    The gameplan they put together was great and the players were prepared and motivated. I expected to see a broken and unenthusiastic team and got the exact opposite. Now to really impress me Roper is gonna have to work some pass plays in to the offense. I kept thinking to myself during the game...
  20. 8802Gator

    We knew 1 of 2 thing would happen this year...

    and now one of them has. We were either gonna win or start a coaching search. Option 2 it is. The way the players came out in that game was the biggest indictment of Muschamp. This was an ultimatum game for their head coach and his job, and that is the effort put forth? I think they are as ready...
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