1. g8tr72

    MLB Homerun champion?

  2. g8tr72

    Three Little Pigs Like You've Never Heard Before

    My youngest, with whom I discuss regularly my disdain for the lack of competent communication with his generation, sent me this video. Enjoy.
  3. g8tr72

    Recommended App for Text Messaging large groups

    We have quite a large family and some are not on the Facebook (me) so we are looking for an app that is cross platform and will permit messages to be sent to a list of over 20+ people. (Some cellular companies limit it to 20) Since Facebook isn't an option, do any of you have any...
  4. g8tr72

    Fuel Stabilizer recommendations

    I was talking with a co-worker about gas prices/supplies and he mentioned that fuel companies might increase the amount of ethanol in fuel as a result of these present conditions. That got me to thinking about fuel stabilizers. Anyone got any recommendations for fuel stabilizers for both...
  5. g8tr72

    Recommendation for Financial Advisor

    I have just inherited some money in a TDA Institutional Trust Fund, approx. $150k. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good Financial Advisor in the Gainesville area? The FA who handled the estate is not going to be retained. Thanks.
  6. g8tr72

    Happy Birthday Jeremy Foley!

  7. g8tr72

    Random things I'd like to see abolished/eliminated after 2020

    No particular order. * - Artificial Crowd noise at sporting events. * - Text messages from political groups * - Car warranty companies and their spam phone calls * - Mail in voting * - Left lane slow drivers
  8. g8tr72

    The Cancel Culture needs to prioritize

    And this needs to be at the TOP of the list!
  9. g8tr72

    Robin Williams' coroner report - severe Lewy Body Dementia

    Very interesting. Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center Shares Robin's Wish Documentary, Available on Video on Demand September 1, Reveals Robin Williams Struggle with Lewy Body Dementia
  10. g8tr72

    FHSAA releases eligibility statement

    In regards to certain HS athletes and the COVID-19 FHSAA CORONAVIRUS Update – March 18, 2020 In response to Governor DeSantis’ closure of Florida schools through April 15th, and following the Florida Department of Education Guidance Memorandum from March 17, 2020, the FHSAA has made the...
  11. g8tr72

    Remember Britt McHenry?

    Former ESPN reporter now on Fox Nation. Fox Nation host Britt McHenry says she has a brain tumor | Daily Mail Online She's most famous for this - https://nypost.com/2015/04/16/espn-reporter-berates-parking-lot-attendant-in-ugly-rant/
  12. g8tr72

    Air fryers

    Been thinking of getting me one of those new fangled contraptions.... Anyone have any advice or experience with air fryers?
  13. g8tr72

    Hearth Vader: Sith Lords roasting on an open fire

    In light of the release of the RoS and the Holiday season, I present for you entertainment "Hearth Vader: Sith Lords Roasting on an open fire"
  14. g8tr72

    Gator Basketball 2019-2020 Gator Basketball thread

    Coach Mike White talks to the media at 2pm about this '19-20 season. 2019-20 Men's Basketball Schedule - Florida Gators Good read. Freshman Phenoms: Lewis, Mann Talking Team First - Florida Gators
  15. g8tr72

    How one deepfake prankster is changing cinema history

    Ctrl Shift Face Interview | How Deepfakes Can Change Hollywood History | Digital Trends Amazing. Technology will only get better, and more disturbing.
  16. g8tr72

    2019-20 Gator Football Season Wishlist

    I'm rewatching last years games as part of my preseason ritual. We all want more wins and points, but specifically, what improvements over last year would be on your wishlist? For me - 1. Beat Georgia. 2. Top 10 statistically in total offense 3. Improvement on Punt/Kickoff returns (ranked...
  17. g8tr72

    The Dark Secret of “America’s Big Bass Guru” Mike Long

    Scathing. The Dark Secret of “America’s Big Bass Guru”
  18. g8tr72

    Using a phone to steal baseball signs

  19. g8tr72

    Man survives a bear attack with spinal injury in bear's den

    :eek3: Man lives after bear breaks his spine and keeps him as food inside den
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