1. GatorStud

    Are We Shortchanging Franks As A Dual-Threat QB?

    But he’s our giraffe :lol3:
  2. GatorStud

    Torrian Gray new cornerbacks coach

    :chomp: Welcome home...
  3. GatorStud

    Quest for A Million: Top Gator FB Atmospheres You've Been In

    Yeah in terms of decibels and Richter scale moments... '97 noles... the '82 Trojan game not too shabby either.
  4. GatorStud

    RUMOR: UF DL Coach Sunseri wears women’s shoes, hates Mullen

    Yeah, we all had a bit of thuggery running through our veins during the waning GSMB years :finger:
  5. GatorStud

    Birthday Happy Birthday stephenPE!

    Belated not withstanding... You know I still care about you Gator brother, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  6. GatorStud

    scUM Fans

    The reference “Fans” is a bit of a stretch :lol3:
  7. GatorStud

    Georgia's friggin' new facility

    Our Athletic Department is literally stuck in a time warp...
  8. GatorStud

    Why yes, I will be going to Apollos games to watch Spurrier coach!

    So, he's finally coaching some bow and arrows... :eek:... sling around the ball park Coach!
  9. GatorStud

    Ron Zook fired, expected to return to job as bank janitor

    Ahem! Just say NO to that damn bubble screen... :lol3:
  10. GatorStud

    Swamp Donkey burned by Gators official Twitter account

    Lotta love in here for Law... :lol3:
  11. GatorStud

    Mullen to NFL?

  12. GatorStud

    Birthday Happy Birthday rogdochar!

    Happy Birthday, Gator brother...
  13. GatorStud

    Van Jefferson staying for another year

    As long as we don’t go smurf again, nothing like seeing a load break free and into the second level... just saying, Go Gators! :cool: #14
  14. GatorStud

    Mullinz' grade for the first year

    I'm in the A- camp as we sort out our individual versions of a T-squared analysis. Pros outweigh the cons and it's a 10 win season, Top 10 finish after a decade of abysmal game planning and execution. My A- is less about meeting the CFL expectation for getting A-A+ (playoffs, NCs) but overall...
  15. GatorStud

    Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. Michigan

    It's Great to be a Florida Gator... we're a TEAM with some want to once again, thanks DM.
  16. GatorStud

    Jalen Hurts transfers to OU, who purposely screws their senior QB

    Is this thread akin to prick teasing? :lol3:
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