1. CU-UF

    Deep takes from LSU game

    Defense sucks - that is all No need for long write-up from our fellow brilliant posters.
  2. CU-UF

    Gymnastics - 1pm EST ABC National Championship!

    Final meet of the season. Down to Florida, Oklahoma, Utah and Auburn. Although this is really a two-horse race between Oklahoma and Florida. Only if both of those two have to count a fall or perform sub-par will Utah or Auburn have a shot. Florida starts on vault and Oklahoma starts on...
  3. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: Road to nationals starts tonight

    Semi-final round starts tonight at 8pm EST on ESPN+ for the Gators. They will be in a quad meet with Denver, Iowa State and Ohio State. The top two teams advance to the Regional Final on Saturday. Gators should not have any problem advancing out of this round. I would not be surprised to see...
  4. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: #3 UF at #6 Auburn

    Last SEC meet of the season. UF can claim sole possession of the SEC title with a win, otherwise, they will share it with Auburn with a loss. Gotta tell ya, feels like the deck is stacked against the Gators here. The Suni Lee love-fest that is this season is in full effect, its senior night...
  5. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: #3 UF hosts #2 Oklahoma senior night 7pm SEC+

    A huge meet to end the home schedule. Sold out arena. These are the two teams that have the best shot at beating Michigan for the title later this year. Versus earlier season meets where teams might be playing with line-ups and still being loose on landings, this is near the end of the season...
  6. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: #2 UF at #10 KY

    Last week before NQS scores kick in. UF could use a solid road score. NQS is calculated by throwing out the highest meet score, then taking the next highest 6 in which 3 of them have to be road scores. So it would be helpful for the Gators to pull 197.5+ out of this meet. They may need it to...
  7. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: #4 UF host #5 Corndogs 6pm SECN

    You know you love 'em, the Corndog sucking team from LSU will be coming to UF for a huge SEC showdown. The winner of this meet will most likely win the SEC regular season championship. We are passing the mid-point of the season, so one would think it is time to stop tinkering with line-ups and...
  8. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: #4 UF at #11 Mizz 7pm SECN

    Gators travel to that god-foresaken place that now is trying to be hip or something by having all announcers call it "Co-Mo", whatever the hell that means. Like all things Mizzou, probably the worst venue to have a meet. Energy in the arena is always low and sparsely attended. Last week UF...
  9. CU-UF

    Gymnastics - #3 UF at #11 Dawgs 6pm SECN

    Gators go to Georgia to get redemption for the football team. Meet number 3 for UF and the first road test. While still early in the season, UF needs to start the process of figuring out the line-ups and tightening up the little things. While last week was exciting, it was a horrible meet for...
  10. CU-UF

    Gymnastics - #2 UF v #11 Bama

    Making history, the first nationally televised regular-season meet at the O'Dome. Unlike the basketball games, look for a full and loud crowd. UF is coming off the opening season quad meet that looked like an experiment in line-ups. Several key gymnasts did not compete or did not compete in...
  11. CU-UF

    Gymnastics - #2 UF opens season Friday 6:45 - Season Preview

    #2 UF opens their season on a definite note of redemption. They faded hard last year to end up #4 in the final meet. Honestly anything less than a title or a nail biter second place this season and Rowland should have some hard questions to answer. UF brings in one of the most decorated...
  12. CU-UF

    Fight for the State of Florida - Recruiting roundtable

    The latest piece from the Athletic if you are a subscriber is interesting. They have a roundtable with 2 talent evaluators one from Tampa the other from Miami and 10 high school coaches from across the state from Miami to Panhandle. Talk about a variety of topics from best recruiters in the...
  13. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: Gators go for Natty today 3:30 on ABC

    1pm ESPN2 the Gators are in the first semifinal quad meet with Michigan, Cal, and Minnesota. Gators start on bars and finish on vault. Unfortunately, despite the strong regular season, the Gators enter the finals with questions and some doubts (maybe more perceived than real). National...
  14. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: Road to Nationals Begins!

    The Gators start their quest for another Natty this weekend in Athens. The regionals start today with the play-in matches, followed by two quad meets on Friday and a regional final quad meet on Saturday with the top two teams from that session advancing to Nationals. Playtime is over, as they...
  15. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: #1 UF hosts #15 Kentucky 7pm SEC Network

    Florida's annual Link to Pink meet to raise cancer awareness. Teams will be wearing pink themed leo's tonight. Florida should cruise through this one. Kentucky lost their last couple of gymnasts that were responsible for a small run there for their program. A very young wildcat squad. I...
  16. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: #1 UF at #2 LSU 7:30 tonight!

    7:30 pm SEC Network! While its highly unlikely that LSU will pass UF in the standings due to previous scoring, this meet is for the SEC championship, no other SEC teams are going to beat these two. It will be a tough test for the Gators in Baton Rouge as LSU tends to get a lot of home cooking...
  17. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: #1 UF hosts #24 Mizzou tonight

    7pm SECN. In what should be a nice, drama free, easy meet tonight, UF brings in Mizzou as their last meet before the mid-season break. Unlike men's b-ball, all home meets have been sold out so as much as there can be, there will be a good crowd for this sacrificial lamb. I have no idea why...
  18. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: #1 UF travels to #8 Arkansas 8pm tonight

    One thing is still the same regardless of sport, whenever UF travels the opposing team wants to make it some special event. Tonight is "Rep the Red" night at Arkansas as the Hogs are planning a capacity crowd for UF (8pm SEC+). On paper, UF should have no problems with a slightly improving hog...
  19. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: #1 UF hosting #7 Georgia tonight

    7pm O'Dome, can be streamed on SEC+ or replay is on Sunday on ESPN2 7pm after the Oklahoma-Utah meet. After UF's strong first outing at Auburn we should not see too many changes. The only area where Rowland might try some changes would be bars, which was a bit shaky on their landings, possibly...
  20. CU-UF

    Gymnastics: #1 UF at #14 Auburn tonight 8pm

    Gymnastics team starts their season and drive for another natty tonight at #14 Auburn (ESPN+ 8pm). Gators should have an easy go of it barring some significant falls. Rowland will probably play with the line-up a bit based upon in-house meet results. The biggest question mark for the team is...
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