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    I can’t recall the Gators going 0-4 against LSU, UT, UGA and FSU in a single season in my lifetime. He added to it with UK and Vandy losses. Hard to recover from zero wins, fuchsin zero, wins in games that matter. We knew recruiting mattered more than the season, but this was particularly a...
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    Patrick Toney Defensive Personnel Stats

    Saw this, and taking wild assumption the stats are correct from this Twitter guy, this basic personnel of 6 man front with 5 DBs is fairly similar to Grantham in personnel. What is not is the pressure level Grantham brought (high volume of more than 4), there is nothing about the coverage...
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    Christmas Miracle? Nick Saban retiring?

    Potential this is happening. The source is unusual, but we’ve seen lesser source prove true. Alabama Coach Nick Saban Retiring - Roughing The Passer
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    Kyle Pitts should abandon his teammates and opt out

    Kyle Pitts has played this season while risking his future income to win a championship. He took a big hit against them dwags that highlighted those risks. But, he was ready to play and his coaches spit on his efforts and risks in the manner they treated the LSU game overall and in sitting him...
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    Did Mullen or the return of Campbell cause Grantham to change his scheme?

    So, we all saw, and many have commented that with the weeks off and Campbell back, we went larger up front, with Carter at DE and Slaton/Campbell at the DT's. The question for me was how much of that was personnel matching and Grantham finally facing a team running 12 personnel a lot (For...
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    Emory Jones in a cast - Proof

    In turning on the replay, I got this definitive proof that EJ is in a cast. It makes Trask running the ball even more perplexing. We have one backup - a true freshman and we are risking our absolute asset of Kyle Trask to keep showing Mullen’s favorite play. Pointless with a guy who can’t really...
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    If you knew what 2 years into Mullen would be, would you have taken it?

    Longcat warning. From the outset, I've been against the Mullen hire and since then, his in-game management, recruiting, and loyalty to his guys as coaches has me still thinking he is less likely to win a championship here than he is actually going to win. I've also written on here that I'd...
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    Thanks for Muschamping, you Dwag buffoon

    Muschamp pulled off one of his signature works Saturday and it was great to see from the other sideline. He got up 17 and went pure Champ ball. Even though we scored on our next possession, so they were only up 10, still in the 3rd quarter, when USC got the ball back, these were his play calls...
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    Vol audible shoutout to GCMB’s most prolific poster

    Listen to the audible call at 9:15 of the third quarter of the full game video (1:29:30 of the video) for a clear shout out to our most frequent brayer: Some poetic justice that one of the Law Donkey’s few praised LBs helps end the “Donkey Donkey Donkey” play. Even Gardner-Johnson wraps up a...
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    Most ironic new tradition

    Since Florida started singing “I won’t back down” before the 4th quarter, we haven’t won a single SEC game and lost to FSU at home. Can we end this now?
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    Recruiting Women's Clinic vs Recruiting

    Immediately following our biggest recruiting day of the year, where we’d hope to get kids sticking around for the weekend (and maybe keep them from traveling to the Shythole to the NW for SNL), we are focused on the annual women’s clinic: 2018 Ladies Football Clinic Starting at 8 am and...
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    The Athletic - Florida QB Battle

    Stewart Mandel has a pay site @ The Athletic. I’ve found it’s definitely worth it. They just hired a Florida “beat” writer, which I put in quotes to compare it to the typical non-reporting we get locally (meaning throughout Florida papers). Today he did an in depth piece on former Mullen QBs...
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    Conversation with Spurrier - 2019 Update ("He scores points, that's why he's a winner.")

    Since it's a slow period on the board, I thought I'd share this story and apologize in advance for the length: Last weekend I was at an event where Spurrier was also attending. When he wasn't surrounded by the rest of the crowd, I went to talk to him for a bit and the 4-5 minute conversation...
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    "The Plan was good . . ."

    Since other plays have garnered more attention, I wanted to focus first on this one: Kirk's first big catch of the game. Score is 17-10. We've largely shut down Tam's offense, and Kirk, though Mond's scrambles are becoming effective. Shannon loves zone, so we will definitely slip into zones to...
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    "Coach" Mac doesn't coach during games

    I'm a lifetime lurker since this forum opened (thanks Ox for the forum). I feel the need to post since this topic has not come up (that I can tell), despite all the other coaching analysis/criticism posts. I attend nearly every home game and went to Dallas this year as well. We sit on the...
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