1. Durty South Swamp

    San Francisco

    I'll be pulling for Cincy. But while you hate Stafford, could you really pull for freaking San Fran?
  2. Durty South Swamp

    Happy Bday Durty's Toe

    Apparently it's my toe's birthday today and even though he hasn't been seen in 2 years, happy bday anyway little fella. :lol:
  3. Durty South Swamp

    Joe Brady Fired from Carolina

    Panthers fire OC Brady with team sitting at 5-7 Does he come back to college ball?
  4. Durty South Swamp

    Report: LSU offers Riley 12 Mil a Year

    Unreal if true.... and another nail in our coffin Report: LSU Has Made Lincoln Riley A Huge Offer
  5. Durty South Swamp

    Rest of Season Prediction Thread

    After what we witnessed tonight which was a total team quitathon, followed by a completely permissive mullen full of even more excuses than usual, I'm going on record now. We have 3 games left. We will win 1. Mizzo and fsu are losses and at least one will be a blowout. The team has quit bc...
  6. Durty South Swamp

    Time to Flood Scott's Inbox

    I just blasted him. Suggest everyone else do the same. flood this morons inbox. [email protected] ********************* Scott, I know you are a busy man so I will get straight to the point. The Dan Mullen experiment is over. Truth be told it NEVER should have occured. You hired him...
  7. Durty South Swamp

    7.6 Million a Year

    Florida makes Dan Mullen 5th-highest paid college football coach in the country Just a reminder of what we're paying for this abortion...
  8. Durty South Swamp

    wE GoNe BeAt bAmA!

    Predicting every SEC team’s final 2021 record According to some retard at least. Surprised 2222 still has a job.
  9. Durty South Swamp

    Muh Muh Muh My Corona

    Durty and Mrs D are positive. She's already over it, my symptoms just started. 103 temp, headache, cold chills. No sniffle, cough, or throat issues tho. Queue up @AlexDaGator brilliant eulogy prose :lol:
  10. Durty South Swamp

    Get Ready for Mullen Ball

    Direct from his man pleaser... Florida Gators' offense will evolve with Emory Jones at quarterback
  11. Durty South Swamp

    Shttr is Most Definitely Full

    When is it gonna be flushed? Bloviate.
  12. Durty South Swamp

    Gator - Sooner Prediction Thread

    What does everyone think? Keep in mind, we have players opting out by the truckload. OU hasnt had any notable defections.
  13. Durty South Swamp

    James Franklin is 0-4

    Penn St is winless and got beat by pathetic nebraska today. Many wanted this clown. I'll admit I thought franklin would have been better than mullinz. What a disaster.
  14. Durty South Swamp

    Elway trashes Tebow in new book

    Tim Tebow torched in John Elway Denver Broncos book Shots fired...
  15. Durty South Swamp

    Number 2

    :kiffin: :kiffin: :flush: elocute.
  16. Durty South Swamp

    Another "innocent" Shot by Cops

    Cop shoots black dude with a bat who wouldn't comply, now being charged. Clearly another one of these unarmed racist shootings. Deadly shooting of Steven Taylor at California Walmart involved at least 1 officer
  17. Durty South Swamp

    Strick Needs Your Support

    Gators project $50 million in lost revenue, seek booster support What's another 50 mil between us pals?
  18. Durty South Swamp

    Puff piece from Andrue and Drooley on recruiting and facilities

    What a couple of sad sacks these two twerps are. Always, just wait till next year!!! Fact or Fiction: Ace recruiter, new facility will put UF football team in top five in recruiting rankings - GatorSports.com
  19. Durty South Swamp

    Status and Trajectory of the Program

    So Gators, here we are. More or less exactly where we were last year. 2 disappointing and frustrating losses heading into a Mizzo game where no one is confident because that garbage team always gives us headaches. Let's recap things up to now. On the roster/crootin front: The roster really...
  20. Durty South Swamp

    Injury Updates?

    Anyone with any updates please post. I haven't heard anything about Pierce. ESPN made a comment that we are hoping to have zuniga next week as well so there could be something there. And obviously any trask updates.
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