1. Jack o' Diamonds

    Game Over: NCAA allows athletes to profit from name

    NCAA votes to allow athletes to profit off likeness Ruination has begun
  2. Jack o' Diamonds

    Team Rosters

    Would be real convenient to have a link to team rosters in the little orange menu bar at the top..Football, basketball, baseball or any other people want..
  3. Jack o' Diamonds

    The Four Letter Network

    http://fanbuzz.com/college-football/espn-michigan-mississippi-state-bowl-south-carolina/ Marvelous!!
  4. Jack o' Diamonds

    Rivals preppin' for a Trask breakout!!

    https://n.rivals.com/news/rivals-qb-week-five-two-stars-who-reached-the-nfl:woohoo Have to go to rivals.com, Five 2 star qb's who made it to the NFL... Can't make the link work...
  5. Jack o' Diamonds

    More open spots for 2017!

    https://www.seccountry.com/florida/gator-chomps-more-spots-open-up-for-floridas-2017-class Lookin' better...
  6. Jack o' Diamonds

    Should SEC do away with divisions?

    http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2016/6/14/11895556/sec-football-schedule-format-divisions-rivalries-rotation Interesting article...I like it...
  7. Jack o' Diamonds

    Recruiting These five 3-star prospects can contribute soon

    This should generate a little discussion. Oops!! Forgot this. http://www.gatorsports.com/article/20160630/ARTICLES/160639999?tc=cr
  8. Jack o' Diamonds

    Recruiting Here's a 3* we missed

  9. Jack o' Diamonds

    What you think??

  10. Jack o' Diamonds

    One more time....

  11. Jack o' Diamonds

    Obviously Mac Can't Recruit.....

    :ohnoez::ohnoez::ohnoez:Still no 5***** committed for the 2017 class.......
  12. Jack o' Diamonds

    UF dismisses Alex McCalister for violation of team rules

    http://www.gatorsports.com/article/20151219/ARTICLES/151219668?tc=cr WTF
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