1. URGatorBait

    Featured Napier’s first full offseason thread

    I really though LDR would have been that guy :lol:
  2. URGatorBait

    Recruiting 2025 Recruiting Thread: 5* EDGE Jared Smith gives UF visit a perfect 10

    What do you think the Swedish Chef is hiding under his hat?
  3. URGatorBait

    Birthday Happy Birthday playzwtrux!

    Does he still post here? :dunno: HBD anyway
  4. URGatorBait

    Birthday Happy Birthday LoyalGatorFan!

    HBD from Kansas :bananawave:
  5. URGatorBait

    Recruiting Jaden Rashada granted release from NLI; joins powerhouse Arizona State

    Look man, get your schit together. I'm the midget remember. @t-gator mom is the whore....come on man
  6. URGatorBait

    Recruiting 2023 Recruiting Thread: 4* OT Caden Jones completes the class

    His dad went to Marshall too. I can only assume he just really wanted to be here, or a good chance to get a scholarship, even if not this season. Kinda interesting we got 3 star walk ons when 3 stars was Dipschit Dans specialty :lol:
  7. URGatorBait

    Full-size R2-D2 build thread

    you applied for Space Force didn't you
  8. URGatorBait

    Small Business Owners HR question

    This is rather shocking. Never expected to hear that :whistle:
  9. URGatorBait

    Recruiting Jaden Rashada granted release from NLI; joins powerhouse Arizona State

    Maybe Heitner is just a fuching moron. If you're a kid and some schmuck supposedly representing a group for a school you are looking to go to offers you something like 13 million...you're probably going to be interested right? That said....why the hell did he still sign if he knew it was null...
  10. URGatorBait

    Brady announces he’s “retiring for good”

    I hope Trask is ready. Wouldn't be the first time he had to thrive under a schitty coach :lol:
  11. URGatorBait

    Small Business Owners HR question

    I mean, it's certainly possible that these things come up, especially with an older demographic. However, if you are noticing a pattern, then you are noticing a pattern. I'm assuming this time only falls into the existing paid vacation they have available to them though right? You're not paying...
  12. URGatorBait

    Small Business Owners HR question

    Florida is a right to work state. He can kick em to the curb tomorrow and just smile and wave if he wants to
  13. URGatorBait

    Small Business Owners HR question

    Is it typically the same person calling out secondary to the other? Or does this exchange flip flop between them?
  14. URGatorBait

    Small Business Owners HR question

    2 parts of your post make it unclear. In your first paragraph you sound like you are saying one takes off, then the other finds a way to get off at same time, as if they are vacationing together. But in your third paragraph you say it almost as if one takes off and the other says, F this...
  15. URGatorBait

    Undisputed G.O.A.T. Thread

    I don't even bowl. Your obsession is troublesome. I'll see myself out while I get schitfaced on the golf course :thumbup:
  16. URGatorBait

    Undisputed G.O.A.T. Thread

    You do you bruh
  17. URGatorBait

    Undisputed G.O.A.T. Thread

    I am not. That was sofla's fixation :lol:
  18. URGatorBait

    Undisputed G.O.A.T. Thread

  19. URGatorBait

    Undisputed G.O.A.T. Thread

    everything you posted, you picked out guard rails :lol: You know exactly what I was talking about....keep your head in the sand You are correct about Kissimmee, and further, Poinciana. I can't think of a place I'd rather NOT be :lol2:
  20. URGatorBait

    Undisputed G.O.A.T. Thread

    Here's the thing....pretty much all the things you stated, applies to Golf too. And yet..still a sport
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