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    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs. Georgia***

    In Florida's 17 wins under Dan Mullen, opponents have converted 81 of 252 third downs (32.1%). In Florida's five losses under Mullen, opponents have converted 41 of 67 third downs (61.2%). If you want some #ThirdAndGrantham fuel, there you go.
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    Recruiting 2020 Recruiting Thread: Gervon Dexter gets 5th Star on Rivals

    "I would like for Florida to get that national championship one more time," Janvier added. "I think Florida is going to be undefeated. I want Florida to smash the University of Miami; I want Florida to beat the dog out of them." I like him already!
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    Taggart and Oregon sued TWICE ($11.5 million and $5 million)

    It’s actually the 2nd player to do this. Former Ducks offensive lineman Doug Brenner filed a similar lawsuit Wednesday, seeking $11.5 million in damages from the same "strenuous" workouts.
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    Holiday sale on Lifetime Memberships! $50! Last day!

    i paid up.. thanks for the awesome place ox
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    http://bleacherreport.com/post/florida-gators-football/1772b441-1848-4732-809c-71caab06337d I got a laugh
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    UF equipment truck catches on fire

    The tire blew out from what I heard and then caused sparks engaging in the fire.. Still could be foul play from butt hurt starkvegas trash
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    What's the worst Gator game you attended?

    November 2015 vs the seminoles .. 27-2..
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    Spring Practice info: another spring in the books for UF football

    You beat me to it.. was about to post the same info
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