1. Frozen Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday Himey!

    Have a gteat one Himey, HBD!
  2. Frozen Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday Ray Finkle!

    Have a great one Ray HBD!
  3. Frozen Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday NV, odds are it will be great!

    What do you guys think about it?
  4. Frozen Gator

    Gator Basketball ***Official Game Thread BBALL*** Florida @ Texas A&M

    Not gonna complain, just stay with that effort and improve in the coming games. Go Gators!
  5. Frozen Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday Spurffelbow833!

    Hope it's great Spurff, HBD!
  6. Frozen Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday Bushmaster!

    Have a great one Bush, HBD!
  7. Frozen Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday AuggieDosta!

    Have a great one Auggie, HBD!
  8. Frozen Gator

    NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: White House blows off inviting the Dwags for the 2nd year in a row

    They do have a Teboweske type OB and good players. Go Frogs, jump out of that frying pan and Fuch you some Dwags!
  9. Frozen Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday stephenPE!

    Have a great one PE, HBD!
  10. Frozen Gator

    The Hunting Thread...

    I use a .270 Winchester. Had completely taken apart and gone over. I put it on a black synthetic stock. I had a Leupold Vari-X 3 but changed to a Zeiss scope a few years back and am very happy with the setup, I shoot a 150 grain bullet as most shots are 60-120 yards.
  11. Frozen Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday no1g8r!

    Let some of that No 1 rub off on our Gators, HBD!
  12. Frozen Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday oxrageous!

    Hope it was really great Ox, HBD! Oh yeah, please don't gore me for being late!
  13. Frozen Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday CU-UF!

    Have a great one CU, HBD!
  14. Frozen Gator

    Recruiting 2023 Recruiting Thread: 4* OT Caden Jones completes the class

    The HC decides when to kick a field goal, go for it on 4th and clock management. That is what bothers me most. Run to pass ratio on first down bugs me too but there may be a reason for that.
  15. Frozen Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday heavychevy!

    Have a great one Heavy but go light with the foot chevy, HBD!
  16. Frozen Gator

    Happy Birthday YLGator!

    Have a great one, HBD!
  17. Frozen Gator

    Age for Sexual Consent

    I whole heartedly agree with Seedy and Altitude but Detroit has a point. Cover all bases so you don't make a horrible situation worse.
  18. Frozen Gator

    Most insane ending to a game you’ll ever see

    Thank Goodness, for a second I thought I missed a play in the Oregon State game!
  19. Frozen Gator

    2023 Win or get the fu(k out

    Why not bump Stricklin off now?
  20. Frozen Gator

    Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. Oregon State

    I understand that BN took over a Mullen shyt show. I understand the changes caused by the NIL. I understand the loss and turnover of players. I appreciate the extra staff and facilities up grade. However, I am totally flummoxed by the continued lack of discipline throughout the season, lack of...
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