1. Jax Gator

    Birthday Happy Birthday williston_gator!

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Jax Gator

    Kids these days will never know….

    Driving into a drive-in movie theater (with speakers) with 3 people in the trunk. The driver is the only one paying to get in. Let the others out of trunk after you park at speaker. Did it many times…
  3. Jax Gator

    Go Navy! Beat Army!

    Me too, January 1962 - January 1965…
  4. Jax Gator

    SEC Shorts

  5. Jax Gator

    Random, sometimes funny, gif and post padding thread #4

    I just did a weeks work of cardio after walking into a spider web!
  6. Jax Gator

    SEC Shorts

  7. Jax Gator

    SEC Shorts

    They are better when Hannah Kuykendall is in them…
  8. Jax Gator

    SEC Shorts

  9. Jax Gator

    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs UGA***

    If we win MWMGator will treat everybody to dinner at Morrisons…
  10. Jax Gator

    SEC Shorts

  11. Jax Gator

    SEC Shorts

  12. Jax Gator

    SEC Shorts

  13. Jax Gator

    SEC Shorts

  14. Jax Gator

    It’s Meltdown Time!

  15. Jax Gator

    It’s Meltdown Time!

  16. Jax Gator

    It’s Meltdown Time!

  17. Jax Gator

    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs USF***

    This defense couldn’t stop a snail on flypaper…
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