1. jeeping8r


    The heifer twin will most likely be a freemartin, unable to have a calf. Only way she may be fertile is if they had their own amniotic sack, if they shared the sack enough of the male hormones cause the female to be infertile. Pulling a calf is fun, but the real mess is when you get one with a...
  2. jeeping8r

    Tuesday Favorites.... Planes, trains and automobiles

    Last trip to DC rented a suv, upon getting to the rental area at Reagan I learned our SUV was a black Suburban. It's fun to ride around some areas of DC in a black mothership.
  3. jeeping8r

    Music On Your Mind v.2

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCIv61fKxtc Amateur cruise ship camera work but great song sitting by the pool sipping boat drinks. really need to learn how to imbed stuff
  4. jeeping8r

    RIP Frozen Gator - see you on the other side

    My Son showed dairy cattle and knew some of the Rucks clan. Funny thing is he still chats with a lot of those he competed against, but few if any school friends. His last year of 4H and FFA showing was 2006
  5. jeeping8r

    Anthony Richardson breaking records at NFL Combine

    Unofficial, could be sub 4.4
  6. jeeping8r

    BHG upgrades

    I can remember driving on stadium and being able to see across BHG to University Ave
  7. jeeping8r

    Burt Bacharach- RIP

    Labor day telethon always ended with Jerry Lewis singing "You'll never walk alone", most years he couldn't make it through without breaking up
  8. jeeping8r

    Gator Basketball ****Game Thread BBALL Florida at Bama***

    Just watching? Little blue pill not kick in yet?
  9. jeeping8r

    The new SEC coming sooner than expected

    B12 will have an extra 100 mill to play with, they won't give a schiff
  10. jeeping8r

    Cheerleaders: Sports or not?

    Dressage: A 'sport" where horses are involved and tight pants are the norm for the female riders. If your bank account balance has less than 7 digits to the left of the decimal point you can't afford to play. These folks don't blink at spending a half million on a truck and trailer, Horses can...
  11. jeeping8r

    Brady announces he’s “retiring for good”

    But you still won't kick her out of the sack
  12. jeeping8r

    Tuesday Favorites....Let's talk shoes

    Guy I know is huge and has bad foot problems, after trying inserts, surgeries and whatever else someone told him to get those, for want of a better term, sock shoes. The ones that look like a glove for your foot, anyway, tried those and most of the pain is gone. For me I used to get the...
  13. jeeping8r

    Wednesday Worsts….Drivers

    Drive 441 through the villages, then take 466 and 466a. I worked 22 years there and I think every car there, including their golf carts, have wheel rash or missing hubcaps. Then for fun do it again when the snowbirds are back For more fun take 301 from Wildwood to 42 in Summerfield between...
  14. jeeping8r

    Bills S Damar Hamlin collapses on field after making tackle, gets AED and CPR

    His death was the result of basically a perfect storm. The speed he actually hit the wall at was 39 and change mph, even though car was moving 175+ around the corner He wore no head restraints, like many of the drivers as it was not mandatory, plus wore open face helmet so he could feel the...
  15. jeeping8r

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    MW on my BLT all day. Mustard on burgers, dogs and salt cured ham Ketchup occasionally on fries, usually salt and malt vinegar Only Canadians and yankees put mayo on a burger
  16. jeeping8r

    Steve Spurrier Personal Video

    WTF? Link should list UF not USCe
  17. jeeping8r

    RIP Mike Leach - dead at 61

    My Dad passed on this day 10 years ago, praying for his family. It's tough to this day, I wasn't ready to become the Patriarch of the family, don't think anyone is ready for that.
  18. jeeping8r

    Deion hired at Colorado; immediately installs his frog's testicle of a son as starting QB

    They play out west, IF deion can assemble even a half assed team they can win 7. And not because of his coaching skills, TV has made neon a coach on par with Saban so the kids will play harder.
  19. jeeping8r

    Jalen Kitna Arrested for Child Pornography

    When interviewed he thought the images were legal as he downloaded them off the internet, per BSPN article. Gotta be smarter than that.
  20. jeeping8r

    Featured Napier’s first full offseason thread

    Think needle :bwahaha:
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