1. Alumni Guy

    Age or apathy?

    Apathy is more prevalent than you recognize. When I was a student in late 90’s early 2000’s, the cream puff games like middle Tennessee state were sold out. Now, there’s vacant seats for FSU. The past 2 AD’s and 3 coaches have murdered the swamp.
  2. Alumni Guy

    Pellet grills?

    I feel ya, but with a kid and busy during the weekend, the app is almost a necessity. Even sends you a text when I’m within 5 degrees of desired temp. Really helps when I’m making smoked borscht.
  3. Alumni Guy

    Pellet grills?

    I have a camp chef, with WiFi. The app is awesome because I’m not stuck at home making sure temperature maintains. Cons are that you don’t get a very heavy smoke flavor. Lumberjack competition blend pellets are far and away superior to any other brand. All in all, I love my pellet grill.
  4. Alumni Guy

    Featured Spring Camp opens

    I had no clue Mertz was #1 pocket passer in his class. Looks like he may have a Mitch Mustain type of career.
  5. Alumni Guy

    Baker Mayfield to Bucs; Trask returns to clipboard duties

    My Ho Budget is spent: I gave too much money to Hugh Culverhouse in 80’s and 90’s to f*ck me over again and again.
  6. Alumni Guy

    Baker Mayfield to Bucs; Trask returns to clipboard duties

    Even in the crappy NFC South, the Bucs may end up with the top pick in the draft next year. Easily top 5 pick.
  7. Alumni Guy

    Random, sometimes funny, gif and post padding thread #4

    Not a meme, true story. I just moved some patio furniture for the first time since moving in 3 years ago, and discovered this relic. Burglars beware, my home is protected by Radio Shack Technology!!
  8. Alumni Guy

    Featured Spring Camp opens

    I’m I think this is the year Andre DeBose finally turns it on. If he does, this could be a special group.
  9. Alumni Guy

    What ever happened to Greg Oden?

    Drafted before Kevin Durant: that’s talent
  10. Alumni Guy

    Russ Callaway named TE coach

    You restored my faith in this board, I was about to comment that we had gone almost 2 pages without mentioning his wife. I thank you for your service.
  11. Alumni Guy

    Estate Sales

    One of my most treasured items was found at an estate sale of an old family friend. He was a bit of a mentor to me in my legal career, and I was able to buy one of his law school text books from the ‘60’s. It has all of his shorthand notes and doodles in it. Best $.50 I ever spent.
  12. Alumni Guy

    UGA (arena) in Shambles - Literally

    The repetitive vibration of Mike White’s point guard dribbling in place while the shot clock winds down to 5 seconds can cause structural issues.
  13. Alumni Guy

    Dinner time

    Home made Bruschetta, Basalmic Reduction and grilled chicken, shaved Parmesan over some angel hair pasta
  14. Alumni Guy

    Kids these days will never know….

    Here’s one now that I’m a dad. All my sons battery powered toys are chargeable. You can’t just put some AA’s into it. It’s a pain in the a$$ to keep the cords organized or make sure it’s charged for when he wants to play. I’d gladly pay the cost for a couple Duracells to not deal with that...
  15. Alumni Guy

    Wisconsin QB Graham Mertz commits to Gators

    Range Rovers are notorious for being unreliable. Fitting
  16. Alumni Guy

    Were Pumpers Right on GC Activity If Dumpers Left?

    For me, I’ve noticed a real drop in the number of threads. Back in the day, after every game, there would be multiple threads about various aspects of the game. Now, after a game we get Bits and Pieces and Truth Takes (which I love, big thankya to the authors) and maybe a thread or two about...
  17. Alumni Guy

    Recruiting Jaden Rashada granted release from NLI; joins powerhouse Arizona State

    Arizona State is officially in Shambles Alert
  18. Alumni Guy

    Interview: Jarvis Moss

    No words needed
  19. Alumni Guy

    Small Business Owners HR question

    Yup, the less you say the better when axing someone. My limited knowledge of employment law in Florida is that you can fire anyone for any reason as long as 1) they don’t have a contract guaranteeing the employment; 2) the firing is not strictly prohibited by law (discrimination. Whistleblower...
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