1. Yankeetown

    Gator Basketball ***Florida at Kansas St BBALL Game Thread***

    MissSt/TCU went overtime ... what's the alt TV channel ?
  2. Yankeetown

    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs FSU***

    A frustrating loss to end a frustrating regular season. I am back to where I was before the season, unsure what to make of the Gators and their (our) future prospects. Today, we lost. OTOH, FSU was a decent, ranked team with some offensive weapons, playing at home. We had some personnel...
  3. Yankeetown

    Recruiting Transfer Portal: Gators Land FOURTH 6'8" OL - Kiyaunta Goodwin

    We have enough trouble keeping on track. Let's collectively agree to not go there. (At least, not in this thread.)
  4. Yankeetown

    Recruiting NSD 2022

    THIS. We are moving firmly and consciously in the right direction. Finally. The alternative was another year of Mullen recruiting. Who thinks that would have been better? And at the cost of MORE YEARS of Mullen as head coach. I know nobody here wanted THAT. A one year hit in recruiting is...
  5. Yankeetown

    Recruiting 2022 Post-ESD Recruiting Thread: 4* DE Jack Pyburn commits

    To his credit ... OK, I'll say "so far" ... Strickland hired CBN and by all accounts is the guy who focused in on him as the prime post-Mullen candidate. So I'm going to assume that Strickland thought Mullen was a good fit for Miss State, and its expectations. But it wasn't until they'd both...
  6. Yankeetown

    State of Florida Football

    Forecasting the future by refusing to consider how circumstances and motivations could change is a really bad technique. So let's put it this way ... consider: * UCF's position slab dab in the middle of the nation's best state for recruiting (arguably), * its size in terms of students as one...
  7. Yankeetown

    Christmas Miracle? Nick Saban retiring?

    I'm guessing Saban's replacement will be Mike Tomlin. By Sherlock Holmes logic, i.e., after you're eliminated all the other possibilities, what remains, no matter how unlikely it seems, is the answer to the puzzle. Never had a losing season. One of the very few coaches who you would not expect...
  8. Yankeetown

    Talent level for next year: Grade it

    So the Nick de la Torre count was 74 scholarship players after all announced intent-to-transfers, except E.J. for some reason. I think EJ is going, so 73. I'm not sure if V-Miller's happy return counts as 5th year or is a COVID bonus, but we'll leave it as counting as NdlT has it. If anybody...
  9. Yankeetown

    Grading 2022 - Using today as a starting point?

    Me too. Had poor grad student seats, down near the ground in the end zone. Poor, until James Jones did his magic right in front of us. One of the greatest Gator moments I have experienced in person, for sure.
  10. Yankeetown


    I was hoping for better, but this final game of the 2021 Gator season was sadly typical. We were ineffective, inconsistent and weak, and convincingly beaten by a team that on paper had lower rated talent. It's over, and that's a good thing. Maybe some of the players and coaches will be able to...
  11. Yankeetown

    Billy Napier ESD Press Conference

    4* and 5* depth lets the coaches sit players who are not doing what is wanted or expected. We've kept playing OL who whiff repeatedly, and safeties who lose coverage, etc, because the next guy up is just at a lower tier. The coaches know it, and the players know it. It also allows more...
  12. Yankeetown

    Recruiting 2022 Post-ESD Recruiting Thread: 4* DE Jack Pyburn commits

    Obviously nobody knows what kinds of twists & turns NIL will take in the next few years. But CBN is smart in making a focused effort to get out in front of it, and stay on the forward edge of the new battleline for landing top tier players. Definitely a situation where if you snooze, Saban and...
  13. Yankeetown

    Recruiting 2022 Post-ESD Recruiting Thread: 4* DE Jack Pyburn commits

    That's an interesting analogy. In (men's) pro football and basketball (but not baseball), the solution to that problem evolved to be regulation and limitations on players salaries through negotiated agreements between the owners and a PLAYERS' UNION. It's very conceivable that money-making...
  14. Yankeetown

    2022 State of the Board: A new era for UF

    Since the owner/operator demands a reply, here's mine: When seemingly half of the posts offer nothing but unrelenting, grinding negativity and pessimism, I don't find it an enjoyable place to visit, that's not the kind of Gator Fan I want to be, and I don't visit often or stay long. I have...
  15. Yankeetown

    Billy Napier - UF Head Football Coach

    You are more sour than pure lime juice. In the first 10 minutes, can't you even squeeze out a single drop of hope that things will get better with a new head coach?
  16. Yankeetown

    Gator Basketball Keyontae Johnson collapses on court; released from hospital

    Very true. And since the family had already expressed an intent to share more information at a later date, they should have been allowed to do so, on their schedule and with whatever nuanced wording they wanted to use. Bad optics for Zach here, very questionable judgement. There's no compelling...
  17. Yankeetown

    ***OFFICIAL SECCG THREAD: UF vs. TidePods***

    Matt Cassel was a 4 year backup at USC, never started a game at QB and completed 20 total passes. Was drafted by the Patriots, started for them one year after Brady was injured, and parlayed that into a move to KC where he was the starting QB for a few years. Drew an NFL paycheck for 14 years...
  18. Yankeetown

    ***OFFICIAL SECCG THREAD: UF vs. TidePods***

    Not exactly parallel, but Kurt Warner's NFL career.
  19. Yankeetown

    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Ass Sniffers***

    Offensive Line playing well. Was there anytime last year when anyone could claim that?
  20. Yankeetown

    Gators Equipment Truck Hijacked by Someone on Gatorchatter

    The secret Bagman operation, pre-positioning some cash.
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