1. LaylaGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday Gator98MD!

    Happy Birthday, 98!
  2. LaylaGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday UFHealthGator!

    Happy Birthday!
  3. LaylaGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday 78!

    Happy Birthday, 78!
  4. LaylaGator

    Family pet thread

    Oddly, I've cried more over my dogs than any human I've ever lost. Granted, I haven't endured the loss of my parents yet nor any other nuclear family members too soon. But when I lost my grandparents and miscellaneous young friends along the way, I was stoic as could be. Get me thinking about...
  5. LaylaGator

    Family pet thread

    Growing up, we had wire-haired fox terriers, and our male would get into death matches with possums in our backyard. We always missed the battle, but he'd drag his trophy to the back porch every time. Pretty impressive considering the size of the possums compared to the dog. God Bless our...
  6. LaylaGator

    Tuesday Favorites.... Planes, trains and automobiles

    I'm not a fan of public transit and have always felt they're just a tragedy waiting to happen. So I would either rent a car or Uber. I almost never leave Tampa, so it's not an issue for me. But I do Uber around here sometimes, just because I don't feel like driving. :lol:
  7. LaylaGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday Daryl!

    Happy Birthday, Daryl!
  8. LaylaGator

    Gator Basketball Gators vs MSU In the SEC Tournament

    I watched the golf tournament at a bar today with friends, one of whom is a Georgia fan. He lamented about us beating them, and I laughed and laughed about them being stuck with Mike White. And sparing us a buy-out. Good times.
  9. LaylaGator

    Kids these days will never know….

    I happened to wake up for Spring Ahead and was gratified watching the clock change from 1:59 to 3:00. I hope that a law passes instilling Daylight Savings Time for all time, and future kids never have to know this insanity.
  10. LaylaGator

    Kids these days will never know….

    My preference was to hold one spot of the cord up as high as I could, and then just let the receiver hang and spin and spin and spin until it was back to normal.
  11. LaylaGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday williston_gator!

    Happy Birthday, williston!
  12. LaylaGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday Oklahoma Gator!

    Happy Birthday, OG!
  13. LaylaGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday Pablos Tunnel!

    Happy Birthday, Pablos!
  14. LaylaGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday Mgnihilo!

    Happy Birthday!
  15. LaylaGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday maheo30!

    Happy Birthday, maheo!
  16. LaylaGator

    Seattle, NYC, SF, Philly, Atlanta - would you visit today?

    I'll call dibs on his Gator memorabilia and whatever's left in his liquor cabinet.
  17. LaylaGator

    Tuesday Favorites….glasses/sunglasses

    I love Maui Jims, too. I appreciate the info about Shady Rays, though. I need to look into those.
  18. LaylaGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday Towels 'N Sporks!

    Happy Birthday!
  19. LaylaGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday wrpgator!

    Happy Birthday, wrp!
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